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trick to ecome good sleuth


A few tricks I used in such a case:

1) When several suspects have the same alibi (like I was with the Tobacconeer), I hope to find out who has a real alibi first. Generally the other suspects with the same alibi will have a fake alibi, so I don't bother checking their alibi.

2) when suspect X says "I was with suspect Y", Y has always a real alibi (at least so far) which is "I was with suspect X" or "I was with suspect Z". In this case, Z's alibi will always be "I was with suspect Y".

3) There will always be two suspects, who were with each other (thus having a real alibi).

4) With 7 suspects, most of time 3 will have a real alibi (2 suspects being together) and 4 a fake alibi. So once you find, who has a real alibi, besides the 2 lovebirds, you can assume that the other suspects have a fake alibi.

5) I try to visit only the houses of a suspect with a fake alibi, or for which I have a key. I buy a key in the last resort (in easier cases, keys are common so you may find the key, that you need, in a house).

6) I never accuse a suspect, possessing the murder weapon, without checking his/her alibi first (generally (s)he'll have a real alibi :(

7) In harder cases, you need to rely on 1 physical evidence and 1 or 2 witness evidences to get 3 stars.

8) For us, manipulation skills starving players, bank safe keys are a boon, when we find a motive in the safe. In other words, always check the bank vault before asking a motive.

by bilbot

Detective Joseph Chen
Detective Joseph Chen

I wonder how a new player knows about Bilbot, unless he's Bilbot.


Perhaps he's been reading "Hello I'm Bilbot" from the gumshoe lounge ;)


dnt think that if u r old, u cn only
we are also humans
for joseph

Detective Joseph Chen
Detective Joseph Chen

ohh i'm glad that you're speaking sense now. ^_^


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