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Newbie needing help...

Lily Vann
Lily Vann

Hey everyone.
I'm a newbie, just subscribed last night because I loved the game so much.
I've been having a problem getting "motives" for all of my suspects. I seem to run out of tries when I ask my suspects too many questions.
Now, I'm left with the suspect I think did it and no motive to accuse her with... can't ask anymore questions of suspects or my helpers (ie. bartender, shoemaker, etc)
Any suggestions on how to get a motive?

Detective Joseph Chen
Detective Joseph Chen

Just an addition, you don't need to ask for every suspect's motive, you only need the motive for the killer, which is the one that fits the below criteria.

Fake Alibi + 1 Physical Evidence Matched + Motive

Where to find motive:
1) Research at Hospital, Police Station or Daily Monitor
2) Bank Safe Key
3) Ask other suspects

The fastest way, as already mentioned by peach, of course is the 1st way, as you only need the most 3 research skills in order to find the motive of the killer.

The 2nd way is a bit risky but worth the try, with an outcome of motive or an empty safe. That's 50\%.

Last but not least is to ask every single suspect for the motive of the killer. Probably is the most time-consuming way of all.

Hope that helps.

Lily Vann
Lily Vann

Thanks for your replies. I'm starting to get the hang of this. :D


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