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retiring from shades


after thinking about this long and hard i have decided to stop playing shades of mystery!!! it has been fun playing with all of you, and the game was challenging ben!!!! keep up the good work, and to all agencies keep reaching for the stars!!!!! when my sub runs out i wil not resubscribe!!!!! take care all sleuths!!!! to peachy it has been a joy talking with you, keep smiling hun, to lilcwgirl if you ever play again it was a joy having been your partner, to joseph thank you for all your wisdom you have brought to the game, to dchic1 and all the members of star gazers thank you for all your hard work, and to ben great job on the game, and keep up the good work. i have to many to thank to all thank you so much for your smiles and laughter!!!! maybe someday i will come back!!!!! HHHHOOOWWWLLLLL to jayne keep up the hard work girl cj out!!!!!

Detective Joseph Chen
Detective Joseph Chen

ohh cj, my offer stays still, if you really intend to continue playing later as unsub, you can join my agency before your sub ends. ^_^

Over here, we just love to enjoy the game. so I hope you can reconsider.


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