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Coats, TH and Standing Bonus

Dawn Chorus
Dawn Chorus

Does anyone have a full understanding of using coats to get standing bonuses in treasure hunts?

Do you have to have the coat on at the beginning of the favour case?

Or, can you slip into the appropriate coat just before making the accusation?

Ben? Anyone?

Detective Joseph Chen
Detective Joseph Chen

Lab Coat's durability decreases when you're in the flop house analyzing the physical evidence.

While the rest of the coat's durability decreases while you're using those standings for:
1) Asking townies questions.
2) Starting treasure hunts.
3) Doing favors for treasure hunts which requires the standings.

Dawn Chorus
Dawn Chorus

Thanks Joseph,

But I wasn't asking about durability - I know how that works.

I was asking about whether you have to be wearing a coat at the start of a case in order to get the standing bonus, or if you can still get the bonus by just putting on the coat prior to accusation.

Detective Joseph Chen
Detective Joseph Chen


It should be when you're about to accuse.


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