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Blocking hunts


Quite a while ago when I was in AIU we had a bit of fun with Bilbot; we left a hunt on last case at 83 odd percent and all went to bed except Jo. She waited up half the night until suddenly he logged in and his agency did case after case and got to same 83 percent at which point Jo accused and he lost standing points for nothing.

A few months ago Darkness stopped playing, some of their members moved to other agencies, tome started again with new identities, again they left a case about 85 percent complete and eventually we had to risk losing points to clear that hunt, or maybe another agency cleared it, I don't remember that far back accurately.

Anyway, the point is that any agency can clog up hunts so that nobody else can open one that way so there has to be a mechanism to stop it from happening. I suggest one step gets removed and another randomly generated one gets added each day hunt isn't solved. Perhaps two steps removed from big agencies, and just one from small ones.

It will take some coding by Ben but it could be built into the daily maintenance schedule - knock those on last step back one place and make them do it again. As usual everyone's thoughts welcome although it's down to Ben to interpret it in software.

Detective Joseph Chen
Detective Joseph Chen

congratulations Melody for reaching 1M xp ^_^


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