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Quick Mysteries-May sound a little silly...

M J Hart
M J Hart

Hey there,

Little new here and had a quick question, if i was to subscribe to this game for the year, i understand there is 30 mysteries a day, do these mysteries stay the same, ie- once 30 are done thats it? Or do they change over a period of time?

Many Thanks for any help.

Detective Joseph Chen
Detective Joseph Chen

If you really want to count, you can actually start a table where you note down the following:

1) 1 handprint
2) 1 hair
3) 1 fabric
4) 1 footprint
5) 1 handwriting
6) 1 lipstick
7) 1 ashes
8) Combine 1 and 2, 1 and 3, 1 and 4, 1 and 5, 1 and 6, 1 and 7

lol...repeat with the rest and eventually until you get 3 same PE and 3 other PE, that would be millions of combination.

7 types of PE, that could expand up to 3 same PE:

7 X 3 X 3 = 63 combinations

that's the minimum combinations. haha..

Chivonne Reji
Chivonne Reji

Detective Joseph Chen, how in de world did u manage to cum up with all that???

Detective Joseph Chen
Detective Joseph Chen

lol, don't you think i'm smart? lol...just look at my xp, then you will know.

actually, no...i'm the dumbest player here, coz no matter how i try to promote players here to reach higher xp, so that sleuth admin don't have any reason not to add in new contents, i failed to convince players to achieve it. hence, most probably i'll be the next one to reset my detective after:

1) milmot2
2) Smarty
3) Azar (stopped playing)
4) Here...maybe I'll be here


I didn't understand it either Joseph.

Let's take just the crime scene and assume there are 4 rooms, 3 pieces of evidence, a body, a yellow note and a key; Since any of those 7 items can be in any room that gives that gives 4 to the power of 7 combinations which is over 16,000.

Now suspect 1 has 6 items in their 4 rooms so that's 4 to the power 6 which is over 4,000 combinations for them, and there are 6 suspects so that gives us 16,000 * 4000 * 4000 * 4000 * 4000 * 4000 * 4000 = 65536000000000000000000000000000000 possible randomly created games, I don't think even you will manage that many ;)

This is over simplified of course, doesn't take into account where the objects are placed within the rooms, what each suspect will say when interrogated so you can add a whole load more zeros to the number above but then it would be too big to fit 0n the page.

When you take into account that items on the floor may be anywhere on the floor you're looking at something like 10,000 possible positions of a footprint in a room, so that's a few hundred more zeros to add to the end of the already substancially large number of combinations.

Sara Meyers
Sara Meyers

Umm, Joseph and Droid.....with all due respect, you guys have too much time on your hands to even start to come up with all those figures!! (lol)

I'm really looking forward to getting harder cases--I'm doing IH now whenever possible.

This really is a great game.

Detective Joseph Chen
Detective Joseph Chen

My calculations doesn't apply to suspects house, only the crime scene and only physical evidence applies ^_^

Of course, i've never seen a crime scene with 3 of each type of PE, it would be right to assume that we don't have to get so worried after all. ^_^


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