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Evidence and suspects


I'm used to play sleuth noir, but not much to Shades of mistery.
In Noir there is always one physical evidence belonging to the guilty suspect.
Is it the same in Shades of Mistery?
Or can it happen that the guilty suspect only has witness evidence against him?

Detective Joseph Chen
Detective Joseph Chen

yes, its true. let say u have a case with only 1 PE found whereby you've tried matching against the other fake alibi suspects and thought that you've rule out all everyone except the 7th suspect, but alibi tells you that this 7th suspect has a real alibi, then you can stop checking this sample, instead you have to re-visit the crime scene to find that missing PE.

Its better that you collect all samples from all houses, unless you're very sure you won't miss it...but still, better be safe than sorry.


Yeah, I always do, in the end picking up some more samples isn't bad ;)
Thanks for the answer


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