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wrong use of skill pt.s


actually i hv 3 skill level in tobacco analaysis
what do u think
will i hv to make a new account

Detective Joseph Chen
Detective Joseph Chen

or you could start a new detective and keep the current one as a testing detective.

lol...i used to have 5 detectives which i played their 4 cases daily before I decided to start my current detective and sub at the same time. I think you're free to test out different skills and different detective background, once you're happy with it, then its time to move forward, and try to sub, so that you could get involve in an agency, do treasure hunts and showdowns.

But in order to participate in showdowns, you have to remember a few things:

1) Standings are crucial, 25 or more allow the favors you do be counted in treasure hunt, and 15 allow you to get 1 free question from townie.
2) If you want to be a TH-Starter, you can only focus on 1 faction boss, unless you have plenty of documents.
3) Able to do cases very fast, so that the treasure hunt you're doing doesn't get stolen by another agency.
4) Of course, doing TH is not a one person thing, you need team work.

Good Luck.


thnx 4 all r replies
m greatful to all u people
specially joseph chen


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