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Pawn Broker Suggestion

John Bear
John Bear

A suggestion for using both the Pawn Broker and the hand slots in the inventory.

Once you reach, say, 500,000 experience.
Play a SH case and find a Bank Safe Key. In the Bank Safe, you find a Pawn Ticket.
Take the ticket to the Pawn Broker and gain a standing of 5 with him.
Case givers now start to offer favour cases for the Pawn Broker.
There is a chance of finding further Pawn Tickets in SH upwards cases.
These tickets will describe a special item and the cost to reclaim it from the Pawn Broker.
In order to reclaim a special item, you must have standing of 30+ with the Pawn Broker.
Unwanted Pawn Tickets could be sold back to the Pawn Broker or stored for later use.

These special items could fill the hand slots in the inventory and offer standing bonus (like coats).

Here are some ideas for special items.

For Left Hand:
Red Leather Glove (+8 standing Doylesburgh)
Gold Ring (+8 standing Hammett Square)
Rolex Watch (+8 standing North Christie)

For Right Hand:
The Other Red Leather Glove (+8 standing Doylesburgh)
Gold Identity Bracelet (+8 standing Hammett Square)
Fountain Pen (+8 standing North Christie)

I'm sure Ben already has plans for the Pawn Broker, but it was just an idea I thought I'd throw out there.

Detective Joseph Chen
Detective Joseph Chen

Try to learn Code Breaking skill and "maybe" the statue will say something else apart from "It Looks Expensive". ^_^ haha...

Detective Joseph Chen
Detective Joseph Chen

Actually, your idea is good, but the requirement for it is set too low, it will cause players don't have the necessity to reach even higher xp.

Zandra Lim
Zandra Lim

How about Pawn Broker sells a glove that allow players to analyze Handprints?


That's good Zandra; it would be nice to analyze handprints.... but now that I think of it you would exclude all but one with handprints which is probably why Ben doesn't have them available- unless your handprints were "consistent" with or the male/female thing.

Sofia EJ
Sofia EJ

Really great suggestion! I hope that admin comes up with something along the lines of your idea.


What would you gain from analysing handprints?

A hand is a hand.

Surely it's just another piece of evidence to match with the crime scene (just like weapons).




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