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Case Solving Tips (For Newbies Only)

Detective Joseph Chen
Detective Joseph Chen

Case Solving Tips:

In order to solve cases, there's a few steps that players need to go through, are as follows:

1) Crime Scene Checking - To collect physical evidence (PE).
2) Analyzing PE - Done at the Flop House (At Doyleburgh).
3) Interviewing Suspects, which includes:
- Getting Alibis from suspects
- Getting Leads from suspects
4) Verify Alibis given by suspects and Collecting Samples from suspect's houses.
5) Matching samples from Fake Alibi suspects against physical evidence by getting PE-Townies to check them for you.

If you're lucky enough to get 3 stars on a Fake Alibi Suspect, right after checking samples against physical evidence, then you can research at police station, hospital or Daily Monitor for Motive of this suspect. However, if you get less than 3 stars on a Fake Alibi Suspect after checking samples against physical evidence, then you need to visit all other suspects and ask them for proof against this Fake Alibi Suspect (with < than 3 stars).

{To Be Continued...)

Detective Joseph Chen
Detective Joseph Chen

Using Skills (Copied from Help)

Charm: Make a suspect or witness talk by being nice.

Intimidation: Make a suspect or witness talk by being mean.

Judge of Character: Determine whether somebody will respond better to Charm or Intimidation.

Lock Picking: Open a locked door without a key.

Negotiation: Lower the prices you must pay for most goods and services.

Research: Search through records to find information about a suspect. You can research in the following locations:
* Doylesburgh Police Station
* The Daily Monitor
* Spade Central Hospital

Code Breaking: Unravel meaning buried within a coded message. You must find a quiet place to concentrate to use this skill.

Necromancy: Speak with the dead to learn what secrets they took with them to the grave. You can only commune with the very recently departed.
Evidence Analysis Skills

You need time to spare and a quiet place to concentrate for these skills.

* Hair Analysis: Determine if hair evidence is from a curly or straight haired person.
* Thread Analysis: Determine if fabric evidence is from a man's coat or a woman's.
* Handwriting Analysis: Determine if handwriting evidence is from a left or right handed person.
* Footprint Analysis: Determine if footprint evidence is from a heavy or slim person.
* Cosmetic Analysis: Determine if a lipstick stain is of a dark or light shade.
* Tobacco Analysis: Determine if tobacco ashes came from a pipe or a cigar.


This is basic, practical and succinct help and kinda leaves out things newbies don't need to be overwhelmed by at first; I wonder if it could ever be a sticky note?

Detective Joseph Chen
Detective Joseph Chen

I've learned my mistake previously by posting something that's into too details and was deleted by Sleuth Admin himself, so I tend not to make the same mistake twice and still hope that newbies will come to me for appropriate questions, rather than posting duplicate questions.

Detective Joseph Chen
Detective Joseph Chen



What do you do when you have 3, 4 stars on a suspect with a real alibi? Intermediate level case. Thanks in advance for the help.

Detective Joseph Chen
Detective Joseph Chen

real alibi suspect can't be killer, no matter how many stars you have on them.

Detective Joseph Chen
Detective Joseph Chen

With one additional note:

Always remember to pick up all samples from every suspect's houses, just in case later in the case, you found out that none of the fake alibi suspects matches any of the PE found, the reason could be that all the PE found so far matches the real alibi suspects.

If you don't have a habit to pick up all samples, you'll have a tough time going back each fake alibi suspect's houses to collect the rest of the samples.

Another thing to remember is yellow note. Always note down in which houses that you found a yellow note during first round visiting, as you could have missed yellow notes from houses during the first round visiting.


How do you use negotiation skills?

Detectivu Lu Peste
Detectivu Lu Peste

You don't.

You just have them, they work automatically.

There's nothing you can do with them in the game, they lower automatically the prices you pay for keys (or other things you might need or want) and also the bribes.


oh ok! thanks!!


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