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Which Skills should I learn next?

Zandra Lim
Zandra Lim

Currently, these are my skills, besides Charm and Intimidation, which skills should I learn next?

Charm: 5 / 12
Intimidation: 5 / 12
Judge of Character: 5 / 5
Lock Picking: 3 / 8
Negotiation: 3 / 6
Research: 3 / 12

Skill Points: 193 (18 available)

Please also tell me why you think the skill you mention is good for me as well. Thanks in advance.


Peach, thanks for responding. I just joined an agency about a week ago and am just learning the ropes. I appreciate your response. Necromancy, here I come! (That doesn't sound quite right. lol)


LOL! No, it doesn't sound right!


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