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End Of The Road For Zen Oracles

Detective Joseph Chen
Detective Joseph Chen

The reason of me creating Zen Oracles Agency was to help new players and as much as I'm concerned, we in Zen Oracles Agency already helped quite a number of them.

Fame is not important to me, even the number of TH Won is not important to me. All that is important to me is for me to help others.

I've created Lone-Wolf Agency, whereby me, Miinck, Dylan101 and Shades666 will be members of this agency for eternity, until eventually our subs ends and we will continue to play to enjoy.

I believe I owe a lot of peoples here an apology, mostly because I'm too addicted and too dedicated against this game. I hope you all will forgive me.


Detective Joseph Chen
Detective Joseph Chen

Hi Rose,

Nice to see you here. Well, ZO has done helping quite a numbers of new players, and its time to close it down.

And I'm really happy to see a lot of smaller agencies start participating in TH. Isn't that nice? Especially when smaller agencies won't meet big agencies like ZO in TH now.

Go go go new agencies!


Blast from the past agency here ;-)


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