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Ignoring Newbies (what have you done?)

Detective Joseph Chen
Detective Joseph Chen


For the last time, pls do not send smail to me if:
1) Its nothing related to the game, I'll ignore you for sure.
2) Trying to be friends with me, I'll ignore you for sure.
3) Asking stupid questions, I'll ignore you for sure.

As long as anything related to the game, I'll reply, other than that, you bet I'll ignore you for sure.


Detective Joseph Chen
Detective Joseph Chen

For 1 or more of the reasons above, these are the ones I've added into my ignored lists:

Detective Experience
.trish. 0
a bond 0
Anenmi 30
animefreak1393 10
anthropolagist 0
Autumn Santos 0
bdogshug 0
benwaar123456789 0
betcdic 0
Brandon762 20
Bridget McCallister 0
brist 0
Bujani 7780
Caitlin White 0
caitlincutec 20
Carmelo Citrigno 20
cowboy jim 0
Cutiebean 10
D. naughty 0
Davis99 80
dc currie 0
Detective Cheyenne 0
detective eliza 10
devid 0
dingdingbrap 140
diva101 0
Farshed Faiz 0
fuckers 0
gabriele_lol 440
headmaster 10
Idiot12345 10
imtiaz6 0
jack1234567 0
Jane Digby 1020
jennyshepard 0
John C. 0
kiara betty 460
kimberly dunn 0
kimhan 20
Lissa Jones 20
louileeme 30
luigiman 150
Mr Clooney 390
Nicole Longman 20
Ravincena 20
rebekkabekka96 10
roy khan 10
s.azam 20
scooter10 0
scooter5 0
Seachel 0
sgt. kelly 60
shirkeira 0
shirley1234 0
sonicdx 6740
Swift-shadow 30
Tax 2050
teuna 0
vanessa jimenez 70
veanne 0
zaqxsw 30


As you all start playing this game, yes there are many questions. Slueth Admin has accomidated for that. Please read that first before you send random pm's for help.

Doing cases will give you the best experience you need. Read Game Announcements to keep up on latest changes.

Good luck and hope to see you around,


Detective Sissy Andrews
Detective Sissy Andrews

Wow Joseph! So many lucky people have made it to the "special list"!


okay i am sorry but i must say this i know that this is just a game, but there are playgrounds in the world for a reason, and this is not one of them. this is a challenging detective roleplaying game, that can be more difficult than peeps think. it is not a place to talk on the boards, but you can talk amongst your friends you make within an agency. 1st you should get to know someone before messaging them. this is just my opinion please do not be angry with me...

DCI Dani Silver
DCI Dani Silver

Okay.. aren't we ment to help the new sleuth not ignore them..
they are new and there will be questions that have been answer in a sticky post or a previous post.

So I asked we are here to give adive not walk away...
(Pun not intended)

Please remember we were there once.... Help them please..
Thanks you

Detective Joseph Chen
Detective Joseph Chen

From: riz007
To: Detective Joseph Chen
Sent: Sep 20, 2009 - 23:50

u r really rude


Added to ignored lists.

Not to mention if i were to set an xp requirement on you before I consider to answer your questions, I bet 90\% are newbies to me. Now newbies, if you know who are you, stop bugging me.


percisely joseph peeps keep telling me that i need to get a life! all the oldies will help you when you need it, believe me i have, but please do not send bogus mail to anyone that is all we are all asking!!!!

Zandra Lim
Zandra Lim

I think as a newbie myself, I feel fed up reading a community board full with stupid posts from newbies.


why thank you zandra we appreciate your understanding of the situation!!!!

fak u
fak u

Reply deleted by Moderator.


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