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Do i have to quit a case if i run out of charm etc, and i still dont have "the killers" motive and no one will answer me?

Jackie Wilson
Jackie Wilson

well i would cos i dunno what to do so yeah i guess or else choose a random person and acuase them i dunno...


Have you tried giving the suspects gifts or researching?

If you can't do any of those, then, yeah, you would have to quit the case.

Detective Joseph Chen
Detective Joseph Chen


Actually, based on your current skills below -
Charm: 2 / 12
Intimidation: 2 / 12
Judge of Character: 2 / 5
Negotiation: 1 / 6
Research: 2 / 12

Before you choose which case to do, its best to pick up the one that gives most reward money and longest deadline. At the same time, open your detective page, go under Contacts and view all contacts' standings page (keep it open in another tab).

After that, here's what you can do:
1) After finished checking the crime scene, since you don't have any analysis skills, you need to check the blue case file tab first, to make sure of a few things:
a) Did you find any yellow notes in the crime scene?
If yes, then visit the Bartender at the Bar first, ask for whereabout of this suspect revealed in the yellow note.

b) Did you find any keys to other suspects in the crime scene?
Keep this suspect's name in mind, if he/she is one of the suspect which you have the full name and whereabouts, then you can go to the Waiter at the Corner cafe, ask for habits of this suspect.

c) How many physical evidence did you picked up from the crime scene?
Since you don't have any analysis skills right now, it doesn't matter much, but you must take a logic look at the physical evidence, is there anyone of them that's duplicate and 1 or 2 that only found one? If yes, you can focus to check the one first.

d) Lastly, how many suspects do you need to find in your lists?
For Beginner cases, there's always 4 suspects, which 2 will be having fake alibis, so as long as you found either 2 with real or 2 with fake alibis, then you don't have to ask for alibi anymore.

Remember to take note of the time of the suspect that you have his/her house key and make sure you check his/her house during the hours where he/she won't be at home.

Don't hesitate to pick up all the samples from this suspect's house, in case you missed an important physical evidence from the crime scene.

Once you've collected the samples, verified the alibi of this suspect, if he/she is having a fake alibi, then

Detective Joseph Chen
Detective Joseph Chen

opps ... deleted:

you can start to visit the appropriate townie to match the samples with the evidence.

Just repeat whichever necessary until you find the killer with 3 stars, then the final part, motive. If this suspect is the family member of the victim, the motive usually will be at the Daily Monitor. If its not family member, ^_^ I'll let you figure out that by yourself.

Good Luck ^_^


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