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Jessica Blackberry
Jessica Blackberry

Hi everyone,
I've been playing this game for a little while now..
Yesterday I came across a document and it was a mission.
How on earth do I accomplish a mission?
Do I keep playing and hope that I get more clues along the way or am I totally off track?

Could someone please offer me some advice?


Detective Joseph Chen
Detective Joseph Chen

Under your detective page, there would be "Missions", click on it, you'll be able to see the details of the mission given to you. Which in this case, depending of which faction minion you chose to give the document to, it will increase one by +2, the other by -2.

You can start by collecting the documents until you have another 14 that affects the same faction minion whom you gave the first document to and it will unlock this faction minion's faction boss for you.

By the time you've unlocked a faction boss, you will start to get harder cases - Very Hard, Very Very Hard, Incredibly Hard.

Good Luck Trying ^_^

Jessica Blackberry
Jessica Blackberry

Thanks for that.. :-)


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