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Newbie Questions

Trainers (Where to find them)

Detective Joseph Chen
Detective Joseph Chen

1) Tricky Mister Bar
- Bartender
- Beat Cop
- Fixer

2) Police Station
- Desk Sergeant
- Police Clerk

3) Flop House
- Facilitator

4) Locksmith
- Locksmith

5) Shoe Shop
- Shoemaker

6) Ron's Coin and Pawn
- Pawn Broker

North Christie
1) St Marlowe's Cathedral
- Priest
- Bishop

2) City Hall
- Mayor
- Janitor

3) Wanstroths Department Store
- Stylist
- Cosmetics Counter
- Tobacconeer

4) Bank
- Banker
- Bank President

5) Posh Bobbin
- Tailor

Hammett Square
1) Barber Shop
- Barber

2) Corner Cafe
- Waiter
- Socialite

3) Daily Monitor
- Fact Checker
- Editor In Chief
- Reporter

4) Hospital
- Receiving Nurse
- Morgue Assistant
- Doctor

5) Real Estate Agency
- Realtor
- Mob Boss

6) Meaty Treat
- Butcher

To new players, Good Luck finding them all. ^_^

Detective Joseph Chen
Detective Joseph Chen

Facilitator, in Flop House.


what about necromancyyyy?
no bump :)


ok i read now :D don't get mad at me :D i'm going now :D
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Sherrylock Holmes
Sherrylock Holmes

How do you unlock hidden characters?

Detective Lechat
Detective Lechat

You'll find all you need on this link:

April Fool
April Fool

lol, this page not really help. like Jimmie Fish says: where to go to learn Research? is it the police station desk clerk? or is she hand analysis ? where do we go, we see all the options but no details to make the options be of help!?


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