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10M xp Reached

Hasegawa Takashi
Hasegawa Takashi

Congratulations for Detective Joseph Chen for reaching the incredible 10M xp. We others will follow behind (forever perhaps.. :D).

Detective Joseph Chen
Detective Joseph Chen

@Isaac: Do you know why I'm able to make such a big lead? Its because no one else in the game has unlocked Almost Impossible level and another reason is because Smarty already reset his/her detective.

And now, I'm only chasing after all the skills, perhaps I won't be able to get them all, but at least I need to reach 18 - 20M xp in order to save up enough skill points for:

Level 1 - 2 Code Breaking (22 Skill Points).
Level 7 - 8 Charm/Intimidation (68 Skill Points).
Level 5 - 8 Research (44 Skill Points).

^_^ For your info, soon I'll be able to beat everyone's xp by 10M. Maybe you all don't care about that, but to me, this is what I call fun & in case you all are wondering, I'm indeed addicted to SoM.


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