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Unfinished Coat Business Wrapped Up

Sleuth Admin
Sleuth Admin

We've just completed some work on equippable items (just coats for now) that fills out their features as originally envisioned:

1) Coats and Treasure Hunts:

The neighborhood bonuses given by coats now apply towards starting and advancing Treasure Hunts.

2) Coats and Agency Lockers:

Coats can now be stored in Agency Lockers. A coat takes just as much room as any other item in the locker. You also don't need to leave an extra space open in the locker in order to swap coats, just grab the one you want and the one you are wearing will be automatically stored.

Note, as of now, any coat stored in a locker can be removed by any member of your agency. I'm looking into adding a way to store a coat as private or require a minimum agency rank when you store it.

3) Coats now degrade with use:

There are a lot of details to this, but suffice to say that if you take an action while wearing a potentially beneficial coat, it will incur some wear. For instance, Lab coats only get damage when analyzing evidence, not when questioning a witness.

I think I have it balanced so that a highly active detective could expect their coat to last anywhere from a few weeks to a few months, but I'll be paying close attention and may tweak item durability a few times while we figure out the right rate of decay.

As an item wears, the amount of money you can sell it for will drop as well. There is currently no way to repair a damaged item, but there will be soon.

Enjoy, and look for accessories soon.

Detective Joseph Chen
Detective Joseph Chen

Repairing Coats sounds awesome. ^_^ But limit it to certain number of repairs or else players end up repairing the same coat again and again or even each repair allows up to certain number of cases or even each repair price becomes higher and higher.


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