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Retiring from Shades

Detective Joseph Chen
Detective Joseph Chen

Hi All,

Whether you all know me or not, it doesn't matter. Whether you all noticed or not, it doesn't matter as well. As I want to say that I might retired once my subscription ends on March 15, 2010.

For the person who gave me a 1 month gift subscription (Gifter), I thank you once again &

For the person who gave me a 1 year gift subscription (Miinck), I thank you once again.

I decided to retire because I couldn't see any competition from other players in chasing after my experience and so, maybe I should slow down, in order to let you all catch up with me.

Even if I have a next goal to achieve, it could be to beat Ddog's xp in Noir, but he's been inactive now, so I guess there's no point in catching up with him now.

Good Luck and of course, I'll always keep an eye here, in hope to see this game progress enough to catch my interest again.

Ohh Ben, could you please design some rewards for me as a compliment of me reaching 10M xp? ^_^

Thanks in Advance.


Isaac Mendez
Isaac Mendez

LOL, what is a Arch Villian hunt?
For those who did not play Noir.
Just giggling curious. :P


Here's a challenge for you Joseph, assuming you are right handed try to play a showdown using only your left hand.

If that isn't challenging enough why not start again and see how long it takes to get to a million. Ben's not likely to program special content just for you and Azar, he might give you a new hat though since that's not much programming.

Night Owl
Night Owl

Personally i'm with Joseph and Azar, there isn't anything very challenging now for certain players who have been around a long time. Its become a chore to log on and play the same old cases again and again with no real challenge.

Maybe some secret missions could be set by Admin for those of who have achieved all there is for now?
I still think we should have that AFIS machine too made availiable :) Every RH case seems to have those annoying handprints in just lately *sigh*


...and really it isn't just beneficial for those with higher numbers.

Those of us with lower numbers in agency have a vested interest in people like Azar and Night Owl staying active and participating in agencies and TH's, so it would be helpful to everyone who is subscribed and working through an agency.

Detective Joseph Chen
Detective Joseph Chen

In real life, I'm indeed a left-handed person and clicking the mouse with my right-hand ^_^

Detective Joseph Chen
Detective Joseph Chen

@Night Owl:
I think I should tell you this - RH is harder than AI. hehe...does that give you another reason to reach AI asap? ^_^ Its true you know, coz in AI, there's a possibility that there's 2 dead suspects and 50\% of the time, both of those dead suspects:
1) Died before you get a chance to buy the key to their houses
2) Have fake alibis, giving you greater capture the killer easily

I personally don't know how to convince you and Azar and the rest of the players to reach 4M as soon as you can, as doing AI is REALLY less headache than it seems to be. One way to make it harder than RH is to have suspects goes into hiding, whereby when the deadline is close and finding those hiding suspects are crucial to find enough stars. But one thing about Necromancy skill, I would think its redundant to manipulate or give gift to a dead suspect in order for it to answer a question. Or at least, different type of gift for the dead suspects, as I don't see why dead suspects need living person's gift. ^_^

Yeah, I know, everything I said is based on logic. yesterday i got a funny case, the killer is the mom of the victim and she looks like a 20 yrs old woman, but the victim is a 65 yrs old man. hahaha...

Detective Joseph Chen
Detective Joseph Chen

Arch-Villian Hunt is a special hunt to find co-conspirators around town that's helping the Arch-Villian to escape. In Noir, the minimum requirement for starting an Arch-Villian Hunt are:
1) AI Unlocked
*2) Listen to the news of the ambassador visiting town
*3) Find him at the mayor's office
*4) He will then request you to prove your worthy, which you need to solve an AI case before server reset for the day and meet him again
*5) Then he will give you permission to visit the prince palace
*6) Solve the poem riddle at the gate of the palace
7) Meet the prince to start an arch-villian hunt
8) Return to town, start to solve AI cases, which at the end of the case, a clue will be given to you
9) Each townie has 5 clues (together, all of them will be sufficient enough) to point you to the co-conspirator
10) There would be 1 co-conspirator in each town, once you've caught the last one, you have caught the Arch-Villian as well
#11) Return to the prince palace to choose one of the 4 gold equipment offered by the prince.

* - Some of these need to be repeated each time you want to start a new Arch-Villian Hunt
# - You can choose to stack up the rewards up to 4 and collect it at one go (of course, its better you store all your equipments in agency locker or apartment storage before you go)

Probably Azar can tell you more because he has 5M xp in Noir while i only have 800k.

ms helen
ms helen

I think you pretty much hit the nail on the head there Joseph.

AV's are a lot of fun and something completely different to Treasure Hunts.

When AV's first came out the riddle at the Prince's door gave everyone a LOT of headaches but made a nice challenge to figure out. If you ever do one you should see why.

Isaac Mendez
Isaac Mendez


Detective Joseph Chen
Detective Joseph Chen

@Ms Helen:
Yes indeed...but I still hope the best, who knows, it might get me interested enough in AV Hunt and decided to let Primatech beat ZO to have better fame? ^_^


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