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Can anyone tell me:

When you buy a coat that gives you standing in a town, that mean's (for example) 2 standing points with each townie (in that town)?

Someone said the coats don't work for TH's; does that mean those standing points go away during TH- for example, I have a standing of 26 with a townie, does the standing go down to 24 during a TH? (In which case there doesn't seem to be much of a benefit to the coats.)

Can you lose this standing if you charm or intimidate townie, thus "damaging" the coat or do you never lose standings you acquire with the purchase of a coat?

Anyone REALLY happy with the purchase of a coat? I bought a lab coat but returned it as I couldn't really see much time savings when analyzing evidence and I don't seem to have too much trouble with time.

Thanks for your thoughts!

Detective Joseph Chen
Detective Joseph Chen

lol, Sleuth Admin only listens to you? How about listening to me for one second?

1) Allow suspects to go into hiding for RH/AI cases and the only way to find them is to do research at boss faction's office.
2) Make longer TH.
3) More townies used in TH.
4) Suspects/Townies can only be manipulated 2 times (max).
5) Arch-Villian Hunt.
6) Scripted Mysteries.

last but not least, could there be a harder cases than AI for me to unlock when I reach 10M xp. By the way, my subscription will end next year march 15th, just in case if you intend to let me wait longer than that before you implement the above things, I'll be greatly upset.


jen plaidy
jen plaidy

Some of those sound interesting, but I have to take issue with No. 4 - I chose to invest a lot of my skill points in manipulation so it would hardly be fair to change the rules now so that I, or anyone else who has spent their skill points in the same manner, can't use the skills we have bought.

Isaac Mendez
Isaac Mendez

Can't agree more then that Jen, except i also have a problem with Nr1, those cases are quite hard as they are now.
I don't know what a Arch-Villian Hunt. but i would love to write custom mysteries :D


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