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Instant Case Here!!!!

With Investigate Reporter
With Investigate Reporter

Lazy to go to your case-map?play it here!!!! Solve this case
Find the killer of Tefresta Moaserf.

Suspect 1.Own tefresta lots of money,might kill him for avoiding paying

suspect 2.Jealous of him,kill him for fun

suspect 3.Need promotion from boss but tefresta is better at job,might kill him for money(promotion)

suspect 4.Has bullied tefresta for many days and one day tefresta hired a strong agent to beat suspect 4 up.Suspect 4 feel very Unwilling to let tefresta get away with it and MIGHT decide to hired a sniper to shot tefresta down.

suspect 5.A very shy but he is an bullet inventor,one day tefresta raped his girl friend and kill her,hide it somewhere.Suspect 5 found out and might revenge

5 SUSPECT unlimited detective One fatal case...WHO WILL FIND OUT THE REAL KILLER?

Detective Lechat
Detective Lechat

I found your game fun so post another if you like. I'll try it ;)

Btw I don't find that you were being rude Cliff so don't feel bad :)

Lisa Black
Lisa Black

I think they all had ago, you know... Like a group party! Nah, I'm just kidding. I have know idea, but great idea. Would you mind if I had ago? I'd quite like to, and of course I'd mention you.


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