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difficulty description

Kim Boudreau
Kim Boudreau

Maybe we can do a description o each difficulty based on our experience...

In my experience at very hard :

6 or 7 suspects
suspects clam after one or two questions
townies clam after zero or one question (occasionnaly two)
you can find squelleton keys and secret document (never found more than one per case or found both in the same case)
You can fin trapped doors (never found more than one per case)
Suspect can get killed (never found more than oe deceased per case)
Suspects don't always know motive (don't know the odds)

Please complete with other difficultys or correct me if you think I did a mistake.

Detective Joseph Chen
Detective Joseph Chen

can't post link here (or else will be deleted by Sleuth Admin), but the link can be found in ZO Agency page.


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