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Detective Joseph Chen
Detective Joseph Chen

Hi Ben,

I was thinking how you can encourage players to do more cases, is by setting a new rule. After players done with their 3 favors, for 3 consecutive highest level cases that they've unlocked done successfully, 1 higher level cases are offered by their case giver, only 1.

3 SH done, then 1 RH is offered
if only 2 SH done + 1 IH done, then this 1 RH won't be offered
3 RH done, then 1 AI is offered

hehe...I would think by adding this rule, players would automatically try their best to do more cases (highest level possible), in order to enjoy a bonus higher level case.


Sherlock Kent
Sherlock Kent

I like DCI Dani's suggestion for a new location but since I started playing, I wondered why can't we find clues behind paintings... like a hidden safe or a yellow note. Of course it would only be in harder cases


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