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Detective Joseph Chen
Detective Joseph Chen

Hi Ben,

I was thinking how you can encourage players to do more cases, is by setting a new rule. After players done with their 3 favors, for 3 consecutive highest level cases that they've unlocked done successfully, 1 higher level cases are offered by their case giver, only 1.

3 SH done, then 1 RH is offered
if only 2 SH done + 1 IH done, then this 1 RH won't be offered
3 RH done, then 1 AI is offered

hehe...I would think by adding this rule, players would automatically try their best to do more cases (highest level possible), in order to enjoy a bonus higher level case.


Detective Joseph Chen
Detective Joseph Chen

Its not 3 favors at highest level offered, but after 3 favors are done, then the rule for 3 highest level cases done, 1 harder case is offered.

^_^ but yeah, if Sleuth Admin changed it to apply only for 3 favors done at highest level offered, then 1 harder case will be offered, then it will be great too, so that players only can get 1 per day if they do 3 favors at higher case. Then it would truly be a bonus. It won't make much difference anyway, if players can get only 1 case from this rule per day. ^_^

Detective Joseph Chen
Detective Joseph Chen


DCI Dani Silver
DCI Dani Silver

I have an idea too..

In the rooms where the clues are found if there are stolen good should the room be a little messer.

Such as DVD and Jewellry boxes then we would really have our work cut out..?

Empty glasses case in some cases would be realistic and others and small make up bag...

Or clothes...

Would be great if there was a new place added to the map an Lab..
where we could inspect the evidence in full detail..

Goes like this...

I went to the lab..

Inspect evidence..

Torn fabric was dusty and Grey it was a huge man's jacket.

The hair brush in the bin was remarkable clean except for a strand of dark brown hair..

The finger prints on the handle of the suspected weapon did not match the person suspected..

The white staue on the chest of draws could be a good blunt trauma weapon..

The wire of the table lamps could be used as a form of a weapon..
The good Dootor could tell us

That is all....

jebin philip
jebin philip

help me please

Marco Roshinski
Marco Roshinski

I'll chime in that, as a relative n00b, doing the most difficult cases I can (IH) strains my resources so much, I wouldn't even attempt the next level case. I do IH cases, and burn through whatever gifts and bribes and skeleton keys I need to only when I do favors. I can do VH cases w/o having to resort to any note taking (and can now do the IH's usually using only a single gift if even then). But, because I must be so meticulous doing IH's, they take MUCH longer. I do my 4 VH's, get a favor, and do IH (if the townies offering are ones I want standing in), otherwise I'll do a VH or even an I, if it's a towning I want to increase.

I would only attempt a harder case is if increased standing of a specific townie I cared about were the reward. They simply take too much time.



Very good suggestion Joseph, I like it & hope that Sleuth Admin will accept it.
I have a suggestion too:
You know, Sometimes I get bloody weapons in suspect's houses which don't match with the victim's wound.I suppose they(They-Suspect in whose house I got murder weapon) murdered SOMEBODY ELSE!!! It would've been great if we get to play mini games inside the case (which WILL NOT effect our time in cases) in which we'll try to figure out 'Why there are bloody weapons in suspect's house which don't match with victims wound?' AND 'Did they murder someone else?' and maybe we can get some skill points or money by playing mini games ans sometimes if we don't feel like it or don't wanna play these mini games we can simply 'cross' it.I really don't wanna give pressure to those who don't want to play these.


Sorry for my mistake--Maybe we can get some skill points or money by playing mini games AS sometimes...................
Thanks everyone.


Dasmart, that is a very, very good sugg. When I first come across a potential suspect dead, I thought that was what it was a mini case inside of a case but nope, notta , just a senseless dead body. We are the ones that are paying to play so I hope the adm. will take our sugg. to heart, so that people do not get bored and move on to a more interesting game, as one person I spoke to earlier today told me he was doing because he was bored with this game. We do need some different versions of cases besides the same kind everytime.


I kind of like suspects dying, wish purple notes would come back.


Thanks for you comment sissyj25.


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