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harder cases

Sara Meyers
Sara Meyers

I have 10700 experience, but haven't received any harder cases. Does it take a while for that to happen? I only have the Reporter and the Morgue Assistant at this point.

Detective Joseph Chen
Detective Joseph Chen

u need to collect special documents to deliver to faction minions.

Sara Meyers
Sara Meyers

Yes, I have had a number of documents. Does it make a difference to whom the documents are given?

Detective Joseph Chen
Detective Joseph Chen

each document will affect two faction minions, while bringing up one by 2 standings, the other one will drop by 2 standings. I suggest you collect at least 4 documents for one faction minion first, use it, to bring the first minion to 8 standing points, then if you have more documents that affect the other two minions, make a choice, which one would be the 2nd minion, give her 2 docs, then if you still have documents that can be given to the 3rd faction minion, you can give this 3rd minion 1 document.

Whether if affect each other or not, you would have at least:
Minion 1: 2 standings
Minion 2: 2 standings
Minion 3: 2 standings

Then from there onwards, you must raise their standings by doing only favors for them. Until at least one of them are at least 30 standings, then they will introduce their faction boss to you, which would offer you at least:

Very Hard
Very Very Hard
Incredibly Hard

based on your current xp.


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