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Detective Joseph Chen
Detective Joseph Chen


Each skill has multiple trainers at different levels of the skill. Below is a chart of where each skill can be trained at each level.

1-4 (Waiter)
5-8 (Stylist)
9-12 (Mayor)

1-4 (Beat Cop)
5-8 (Desk Sergeant)
9-12 (Mob Boss)

Judge of Character
1-3 (Priest)
4-5 (Bartender)

Lock Picking
1-4 (Locksmith)
5-8 (Fixer)

Hair Analysis
1-2 (Barber)
3 (Receiving Nurse)

Thread Analysis
1-2 (Tailor)
3 (???)

Handwriting Analysis
1-2 (Banker)
3 (Reporter)

Footprint Analysis
1-2 (Shoemaker)
3 (Butcher)

Cosmetic Analysis
1-2 (Cosmetics Counter)
3 (Socialite)

Tobacco Analysis
1-2 (Tobaconeer)
3 (Doctor)

1-3 (Realtor)
4-6 (Bank President)

1-4 (Police Clerk)
5-8 (Fact Checker)
9-12 (???)

Code Breaking
1 - 2 (Janitor)

1 - 2 (Facilitator)

Detective Joseph Chen
Detective Joseph Chen

welcome ^_^



Alaska Everfall
Alaska Everfall

What happens if all your Charm, Intimidation, and Judge of Character have run out during a case and no one will give you a motive without one. Does it recharge? Do you have to quit the case? If so, is there any way to reopen it and continue your progress?

Bela Talbot
Bela Talbot

i read that the bank president teaches negotiation levels 4 -6.
i have reached the fifth levels (thanks to accessories) and i want to get to the 6th level, but i don't think I've unlocked that character yet. HELP!!!


Thank you to Detective Joseph Chen, and the rest of you who have been patient helping out us newbies who are still kind of fumbling around. Im considering getting training for the lock picking skill but i read id eventually run out of lock pickers- where would i pick more up?
at the locksmith? in general, its a little unclear to me how one picks up gear. its not like there's a "detective store"
i guess we just get gifts and purchase clothes from the local retailers?


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