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Guides To Skills (Trainers)

Detective Joseph Chen
Detective Joseph Chen


Each skill has multiple trainers at different levels of the skill. Below is a chart of where each skill can be trained at each level.

1-4 (Waiter)
5-8 (Stylist)
9-12 (Mayor)

1-4 (Beat Cop)
5-8 (Desk Sergeant)
9-12 (Mob Boss)

Judge of Character
1-3 (Priest)
4-5 (Bartender)

Lock Picking
1-4 (Locksmith)
5-8 (Fixer)

Hair Analysis
1-2 (Barber)
3 (Receiving Nurse)

Thread Analysis
1-2 (Tailor)
3 (???)

Handwriting Analysis
1-2 (Banker)
3 (Reporter)

Footprint Analysis
1-2 (Shoemaker)
3 (Butcher)

Cosmetic Analysis
1-2 (Cosmetics Counter)
3 (Socialite)

Tobacco Analysis
1-2 (Tobaconeer)
3 (Doctor)

1-3 (Realtor)
4-6 (Bank President)

1-4 (Police Clerk)
5-8 (Fact Checker)
9-12 (???)

Code Breaking
1 - 2 (Janitor)

1 - 2 (Facilitator)


what standing with the bank president will I need to get the facilitator?

Detective Joseph Chen
Detective Joseph Chen


Tessa Thistlethorn
Tessa Thistlethorn

How can I unlock the Bank President?

Detective Bug
Detective Bug

first get 100,000 experience.
then, find the bank safe key in i.h. cases,
then find the photo while not on a case in the safe,
show that to the locksmith she will unlock the bank prez.
that's all i know about him

TJ Sweet
TJ Sweet

Detective Joseph Chen are you sure about needing 40 standings with bank Pres and Editor to unlock janitor and facilitator?They became available for me at 30. No coat was used to boost.

Detective Joseph Chen
Detective Joseph Chen

you're sign TJ ^_^

sometimes I do get mixed up, coz the questions keeps repeating again and again. Thanks for correcting me on that. ^_^

TJ Sweet
TJ Sweet

NP, Just that many have told me the same that I need 40 to unlock them. Thought it may have been confused with getting them to 40 for them to offer the 3rd case.

TJ Sweet
TJ Sweet

I havent read all post to this thread, but for 3rd Thread training would be Editor.

Detective Joseph Chen
Detective Joseph Chen

yup, you need only 30 standings for that button "Give 7 expensive perfumes" to appear when you visit Bank President (while not in a case) and 40 standings if you want him to offer you 3 cases at a time. ^_^ hehe

Sappy Apples
Sappy Apples

Where is the janitor?


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