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Detective Joseph Chen
Detective Joseph Chen


Each skill has multiple trainers at different levels of the skill. Below is a chart of where each skill can be trained at each level.

1-4 (Waiter)
5-8 (Stylist)
9-12 (Mayor)

1-4 (Beat Cop)
5-8 (Desk Sergeant)
9-12 (Mob Boss)

Judge of Character
1-3 (Priest)
4-5 (Bartender)

Lock Picking
1-4 (Locksmith)
5-8 (Fixer)

Hair Analysis
1-2 (Barber)
3 (Receiving Nurse)

Thread Analysis
1-2 (Tailor)
3 (???)

Handwriting Analysis
1-2 (Banker)
3 (Reporter)

Footprint Analysis
1-2 (Shoemaker)
3 (Butcher)

Cosmetic Analysis
1-2 (Cosmetics Counter)
3 (Socialite)

Tobacco Analysis
1-2 (Tobaconeer)
3 (Doctor)

1-3 (Realtor)
4-6 (Bank President)

1-4 (Police Clerk)
5-8 (Fact Checker)
9-12 (???)

Code Breaking
1 - 2 (Janitor)

1 - 2 (Facilitator)

Detective Joseph Chen
Detective Joseph Chen

Code breaking is currently not in used. But previously even without the skills itself, you're able to bring the encoded note to the 3 faction minions to decode for you. What the skill actually does it to tell you exactly which one of the three that will be able to decode for you. Ohh, I think it appears above Incredibly Hard cases. You can read about it here:


Mob Boss is the faction boss in which after you have 30 standings with the Realtor, she will introduce you to Mob Boss, and Mob Boss is one of the 3 faction boss that will offer Very Hard, Very Very Hard and Incredibly Hard cases to you.


Thank you very much for this post ...


This thread is helpful, thank you.


Could you give the locations please. Thanks a heap.


This may help for what I am asking
Skill Location Job Offerer
Judge of Character Tricky Mister Bartender Gustav Macklin
Intimidation Tricky Mister Beat Cop Preston Grosso
Gunshots Tricky Mister Beat Cop Preston Grosso
Handprints Police Station Police Clerk Mary Kuippers
Research Police Station Police Clerk Mary Kuippers
Lock Picking Locksmith Locksmith Tabitha Dorsey
Footprints Shoe Shop Shoemaker Rose Kludney
North Christie
Skill Location Job Offerer
Judge Of Character St Marlowe's Cathedral Priest Theodore Gonzales
Cosmetic Analysis Wanstroth's Department Store Cosmetics Counter Violet Abshire
Tobacco Analysis Wanstroth's Department Store Tobbaconeer Emmett Lundstrom
Handwriting Analysis Bank Banker Carlita Ahnberg
Thread Analysis Posh Bobbin Tailor Kareem Iskandar
Hammett Square
Skill Location Job Offerer
Hair Analysis Barber Shop Barber Agatha Gesling
Charm Corner Cafe Waiter Colin Edeal
Blunt Trauma Hospital Doctor Jennifer Zhang
Knife Wound Analysis Meaty Treat Butcher Peggy Shue
Negotiation Real Estate Agency Realtor Julie Scott


don't forget to fill in the missing bits: thread analysis 3 = Editor in Chief, research 9-12 = Bishop


where can you find the janitor for code breaking?
Awesome Post By the way =)

Detective Joseph Chen
Detective Joseph Chen

Janitor can be found in the City Hall after you've unlocked her via Editor In Chief, which you can unlock him via Stylist, which you unlock by showing the stylist the photo, found in the bank safe with the bank safe key found in Incredibly Hard cases after you reach at least 100,000 xp.

Tessa Thistlethorn
Tessa Thistlethorn

Where can I find the Bank President? I don't see him in the bank. Is he a character that I have to unlock?


Detective Esquire
Detective Esquire

Yes Tessa the President has to be unlocked.


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