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Detective Joseph Chen
Detective Joseph Chen


Each skill has multiple trainers at different levels of the skill. Below is a chart of where each skill can be trained at each level.

1-4 (Waiter)
5-8 (Stylist)
9-12 (Mayor)

1-4 (Beat Cop)
5-8 (Desk Sergeant)
9-12 (Mob Boss)

Judge of Character
1-3 (Priest)
4-5 (Bartender)

Lock Picking
1-4 (Locksmith)
5-8 (Fixer)

Hair Analysis
1-2 (Barber)
3 (Receiving Nurse)

Thread Analysis
1-2 (Tailor)
3 (???)

Handwriting Analysis
1-2 (Banker)
3 (Reporter)

Footprint Analysis
1-2 (Shoemaker)
3 (Butcher)

Cosmetic Analysis
1-2 (Cosmetics Counter)
3 (Socialite)

Tobacco Analysis
1-2 (Tobaconeer)
3 (Doctor)

1-3 (Realtor)
4-6 (Bank President)

1-4 (Police Clerk)
5-8 (Fact Checker)
9-12 (???)

Code Breaking
1 - 2 (Janitor)

1 - 2 (Facilitator)

Isabell Kadaver
Isabell Kadaver

lol again thanks :D


Would it be possible to sticky this? It would save all the questions about where do I train for x skill.
Its a very useful thread. I use it lots and I'm sure others would too if it hadn't slipped back to about page 5.
Thanks Jospeh

Detective Joseph Chen
Detective Joseph Chen

yes indeed Ladypip ^_^

Detective Lechat
Detective Lechat

This is great! Thanks for taking the time to post this. It is a very handy tool :)


Thanks for making this a sticky!

Yvonne Martinez
Yvonne Martinez

Good post. Can anyone tell me how to find the facilitator? I'm ready to train necromancy, but I have no line on this character.

Detective Joseph Chen
Detective Joseph Chen

hi Yvonne,

is your Bank President's standings at 40? if yes, then the option to offer him 7 expensive perfumes will appear & after you've done that, he will introduce you to the facilitator.

Yvonne Martinez
Yvonne Martinez

Hey thanks, DJC

I'm unsure how to monitor my standing with regular characters. Obviously, I haven't received the perfumes yet so my standing must be under 40. I'll try to figure this out today, but if anyone knows how to monitor your standings, please reply.

michelle penner
michelle penner

hey hes good isnt he yeah well look in your freind list im in there you just dont know it please reply

Yvonne Martinez
Yvonne Martinez

Disregard my previous post. I have discovered how to monitor contacts. Go to "New Case Contacts" under the "Detective" link and then go to View All.


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