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What if you start a case on one day in real time but finish on another day?


On free accounts you can do 4 cases a day. I have 4 free accounts and sometimes I don't have time to do all my 4 cases on all 4 accounts a day. I haven't paid much attention and was just wondering something.

Say I get all 4 of my cases done on 3 of my accounts on a Monday in real life, and I also get 3 done on my last account. If I start my 4th case on that account on Monday but finish it on a Tuesday in real life (When Sleuths website servers reset, not the time in the game) Does that game count for Monday or Tuesday?

What I am trying to say is if I start a game on Monday and finish it on Tuesday can I still do my 4 for Tuesday or does that case count for Tuesday and I can only do 3 more that day?

Detective Joseph Chen
Detective Joseph Chen

it counts for monday, as it counts as a pick up time, not a solving time.


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