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Zen Oracles (Recruiting Over-Achievers)

Detective Joseph Chen
Detective Joseph Chen

Hi To All Sleuthers,

Zen Oracles is recruiting Over-Achievers, if you think you're one of the players we need, kindly reply here. Make sure you're subscribe, or else we would not consider to have you to join us.

Benefit of joining Zen Oracles:
1) Access to High Level Cases
2) Access to High Level Gifts

Kindly consider applying for a post here at Zen Oracles, only if you think you're an over-achievers.



Can I please join?

Detective Joseph Chen
Detective Joseph Chen

Recruiting one last member to join ZO.

If you're a Board Moderator, you'll be accepted at once, without any requirements.

If you're just a normal player, these are your requirements:

1) Does 12 - 15 Cases per day: Highest case difficulty that you've unlocked so far.
2) Never be afraid to try even harder cases.
3) Never be afraid to ask for help.
4) Never ask stupid questions.

Once join, within 3 days, I will personally check your progress, if you're not doing 12 - 15 cases per day, you'll be kicked out. If you stored any gifts less than +4, you'll be kicked out. If you ask stupid questions, you'll be kicked out.

I think its better for a Board Moderator to join ZO for the last spot, because I think none of the new players will dare to accept the challenge, not to mention fulfilling it with flying colors.




ms helen
ms helen

*is amused*


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