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Detective Joseph Chen
Detective Joseph Chen

Hi To All Agency Directors and members,

If its not against the rules to offer Almost Impossible (AI) Cases to other agency players to try out, I hereby would like to offer this for 5 days, before I return to my own agency.

Kindly reply here if your agency would like me to come over for a visit. During my visit, I will store as many AI cases for anyone who would like to try them (you must be in an agency), just for a period of 5 days.

Good Luck to all and Happy Sleuthing ^_^

p/s: 5 days visit, one day per agency, so that's 5 agencies in total. First come, First Serve.


Detective Joseph Chen
Detective Joseph Chen

hi cjmcebdb,

what is the time when you can send me an invitation? I know the 5 days are up and I haven't reach my next target xp for visiting, but since you've asked, I couldn't resist to visit. Let me know when I can visit.


Joseph there are times when 5 minutes are needed and this is one of them.


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