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Challenge Points and Coats

Sleuth Admin
Sleuth Admin

As of now, Multi Sleuth Showdowns and Treasure Hunts both award Challenge Points to the winner(s). As you have no doubt noticed, Challenge Points are a requirement for purchasing a new type of equippable item, COATS.

Additional Notes:

* Coats are gendered! You can only buy or wear a coat that fits your detective's gender. (maybe this rule will be relaxed the next time Mardi Gras rolls around).

* Although it is possible to play a Multisleuth Showdown by yourself, you will only earn Challenge Points if there is at least one other opponent. So round up your friends!

* On the other hand, the winning agency in a treasure hunt will all gain Challenge Points, regardless of how many other agencies are competing.

* You cannot currently store a coat in an agency equipment locker. This feature is coming in the next few days (still haven't decided if they will take the same number of slots as a gift).

* You cannot currently take a coat on or off. This may be added in the future, but I haven't decided whether or not it would be preferable that you could do this.

* Coats do not currently degrade. Sometime over the next few days, they will start degrading with usage. By usage, I mean that anytime you gain a benefit from a coat, it will wear out a bit. Eventually a coat will fall apart.

Sleuth Admin
Sleuth Admin

I fixed a couple bugs with the standing bonuses awarded by coats. The extra standing points should now currently count towards all these:

* Bonus Extra Questions for clammed townies
* Cases available from new case givers
* FA wiping price from the Fixer (for those of you who say there is no point in the Doylesburgh coat... although admittedly the price discount still caps out).
* Several miscellaneous missions

Coats do not currently help with treasure hunts. They probably should, so assume I'll add that one soon.

Isaac Mendez
Isaac Mendez

Thanks for clearing that up Sleuth Admin you are quick!
see you!!!

Detective Joseph Chen
Detective Joseph Chen

Awesome. Ben, could you possibly fix these as well:

When a player first bought his/her first coat, let say the lab coat, assuming she have 5 challenge points, after buying the lab coat, he/she should have left with 4 challenge points, right? But his/her bio showing 5, but when he/she sell his/her lab coat to buy another coat that costs 5 challenge points, it doesn't allow him/her to do it, could you help on this matter?

In showdown, encoded note couldn't be picked up.

Isaac Mendez
Isaac Mendez

My guess on this topic the number of challenge points on the detective page is the 'total amount ' of challenge points ever collected.
This number is to be shown on the still to be created leader board.

You don' get your challenge point back when you sell your coat.

If i am right. Ben should only make a: current amount value next to the total amount.

But then again he knows best ;)

'The error screens' in showdown are a bigger problem.
It happens with yellow notes and encoded notes.

Detective Joseph Chen
Detective Joseph Chen


Would like to confirm with you on the following coat:

Pawn Broker selling Men's Trench
- Durability: Flimsy
- Condition: Perfect

Women's Trench
- Durability: Average
- Condition: Perfect

Is it meant to be that way or maybe you accidently set wrong durability to Men's Trench? ^_^

I really love the Tux Coat sell by Mayor, but wonder how long would it last. ^_^

Would you consider removing Reporter, Desk Sergeant & Morgue Assistant from TH favor needed, but add in the following townie:


As for Pawn Broker and Fixer, its up to you to decide ^_^


jen plaidy
jen plaidy

Taking case givers out of the TH is OK with me, but one slight problem with the alternatives is that we haven't all unlocked the facilitator and the janitor (yet) :)


Many haven't unlocked the Locksmith or the Stylist either and good players haven't unlocked fixer.

As Joseph notes, the men's coats do seem to be of worse quality than the women's ones.

Detective Joseph Chen
Detective Joseph Chen

I see ^_^

Good opinions given by Jen and Droid. So final decision is up to Sleuth Admin. To think of it, if there's not only 1 - 2 players in agency doing TH, then having various levels of townies would promote more teamwork ^_^ hence while lower level members do favors for those townie they've unlocked while those who have unlocked higher level townies do favors for higher level townie.

Of course, adding Pawn Broker and Fixer is still up to Sleuth Admin.

Isaac Mendez
Isaac Mendez

It has always been a handicap having those casegivers in TH.
But i like it, its challenging to maintain them.

Concerning the coats, Ben does not have activated the coat to wear of. SO durability is not an issue yet.
Still i don't like a flimsly trench, i know women are more carefull with their cloths in real-life , maybe thats why ;P

More important i would love the coats to WORK with progress in TH!
They still don't right?

Sleuth Admin
Sleuth Admin

I intended both male and female trench coats to be flimsy. So, there was a mistake made, but not the one you thought.

I'm switching women's trench to flimsy now.

To reiterate: Coats are not currently degrading at all. So, durability isn't effecting anybody yet. I won't make coats degrade until I finish work on agency lockers that will allow item storage there, as well as gifts.


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