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(I have other puzzles and riddles)1.The beginning of eternity,the end of time and space,the beginning of every end,the end of every race.I will post other puzzles and riddles.

Cher LaColmes
Cher LaColmes

I say that his hat was Black.

Here is the reason [Given: 5 hats (3 black, 2 white); 3 Logicians]:

A. The logician in the south could see 2 hats in front of him.

1. If the two hats he saw in front of him had been white, he would
have known with 100\% certainty that his own hat was black.

2. If the two hats he saw in front of him had been black, he would
have known only that his own hat was either black OR white.
a. In this case, the chances of his hat own being black was a
tad over 33\%;
b. whereas the chances of it being white was 2 tads over 66\%
or 66.66..\%.

3. So ...
a. Either the two hats in front of him were both black
b. one was black and the other white.

For whatever reason, Mr. Southman chose not to guess one way or the
other, and in doing so, chose instead to buy a one-way ticket to Bangsbury.

B. The logician in the middle knew that Mr. Southman had not seen 2 white hats,
so he now knew only that his own hat was either black OR white.

1. If the hat in front of Mr. Middleman had been white, then his own hat had
to be black, and he could have answered correctly.

2. But the hat in front of him must have been black, which meant that his
own hat could be either black ..., OR White? - - DANG!!!

For whatever reason, Mr. Middleman chose not to guess one way or the
other..., and so went bang 2!

C. Now, the guy in the north, whose spidy senses were now heightened to the
point of breaking, had been listening very intently to the foregoing hubbub,
so he breathed an audible sigh of relief as the answer was suddenly bestowed
upon him by the bang off departure of poor old Middleman.

When his blood-thirsty captors gleefully approached and put the fatal question to him,
Mr. Northman knew with 100\% certainty that the only possible solution was "BLACK!"

And with that, his deflated captors released him to return home to the warmt

Cher LaColmes
Cher LaColmes

warmth and security of his 403-pound, nagging wife, his ever-so-slightly smaller but just-as-nagging mother-in-law, and 9 rambunctious crumb-snatchers all under the age of 9 (don't ask!)

Shortly after his return home, the population of Bangsbury increased by 1, as weary old Northman crept silently into his study, gingerly removed a silver revolver (like the one in Clue) from his desk drawer and paid the ultimate price of the ticket to join his fellow logicians.

Elementary, my dear!

... and if my answer is wrong, heck, at least it was fun writing it. Thanks, Slyker!

Cher LaColmes
Cher LaColmes



Here is a logical problem I made myself. Please read carefully!

In an office, a boss and his secretary will go to a trip secretly. "Ha! the employees will never know." the boss said in his soundproof room. Three days later, there was a strong knock on the boss's door. "Let that guy in!" said the boss to his secretary. A stinky old guy went inside. It was the night watcher. "Don't you know how to knock softly?!" he said. The nightwatcher replied, "But this is so urgent!". The boss yelled "I know what your going to say". "what?" said the nightwatcher. "rubbish" said the boss. The nightwatcher showed a puzzled face. "The ship where you will ride with sink." Knowing that something is wrong, The boss immediately fired the nightwatcher.

How come?

veronika mars
veronika mars

i dunno

veronika mars
veronika mars

becauze hez cursed

veronika mars
veronika mars

i can melt i can freeze but i can also wear a scarf what am i

veronika mars
veronika mars

im frm england

veronika mars
veronika mars

dats nnot d answer to mi riddle yknow


Please answer Bowatatoy


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