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If the only problem that everyone is having is with the bot, then it would be less complicated, but there are many issues that are happening in this game. Bots are just one of them.

Some solutions that I thought about:
Start the game over - Commend those that are where they are now. Write it down.

Eliminate the agencies - We would all work for Ben's Agency. We would be individual detectives in the agency each having our own page with our name and having it just to store gifts for ourselves and show the treasure that we won.

- This would eliminate boosting of any detectives.
- This would eliminate going into another detective agency just to help out for a treasure hunt.
- This would eliminate someone giving you extra money. You have so much money, so if you got an FA to pay off, you are on your own.
- The treasure hunts would be individual. - That way each individual would take responsibility for winning their own treasure hunts. More treasure hunts would have to be offered, but also you probably with have to compete with someone else, which is what the game is for anyway.
-If someone had more than I detective then that detective would be in an individual agency where cases could not be taken back and forth to boost, to give more money, to give gifts.
- It would make on less likely to cheat since they are not promoting their members in their agency.
- Ben at times could offer a group treasure hunts. You could sign up with other detectives that you would like to participate with.
- No need for case files, which I do love the case files, but this would mean that you do cases immediately or let them sit and lose time. This would not allow unsubscribed members and advantage.

I am not the creator of the game. Ben has a wonderful game, but it is taken advantage of and I know that Ben is a very busy man, and we could have this in place until these problems can be resolved with Ben's expertise. It would also give everyone a fresh new start.

Just some suggestions.

Veronicas Veil
Veronicas Veil

@Minick, I am at a disadvantage then as I can only speak and write English. So I guess basically it is meant for those that can understand what he is trying to say. I can look up some French or other words, but I am having difficulty trying to figure out what he is trying to say.

I am quite surprised because when Joseph would chat with me before, it never seemed like he had trouble expressing himself. So I will just think that this message is not for me and skip over it.

Thanks for explaining this to me.


You're welcome, Veronica. :)

Learning other languages and cultures is very useful and broadening. If you have a chance, do try it. The world expressed in two different languages is never the same. The problem with using a foreign language is that you tend to use it with the mindset of your own language, and hence what you try to express with it is not exactly what a native would think you express. As a native speaker, you have an advantage with other native speakers, because you are familiar with the mindset, but disadvantaged with a non-native speaker. And vice versa. The sad thing about it is that the speakers don't usually realise it themselves.

Detective Joseph Chen
Detective Joseph Chen

@Veronica: Ngor yau thung lei kong yeh meh? Lei mou hai dou chou chow dui chuen bou yan hou ger lar ^_^

It means:
Am I even talking to you now? If you don't start arguments here, it will be great for everyone else in this community ^_^


Ok I am putting myself out here but I think this is important. I just had a very disturbing chat with a very respected Detective in this game and all this crap has got to end. Unfortunattly I didn't read all the posts on the community board before we chatted to know what was going on.

I don't really like reading the community board because all it ever is, is fighting between programmers that think they know better than the other, or someone has PO someone else because their opinion was different, or someone has attacked someone they care about.

Well, I am her to say that I know that I have not been around as long as many of you but I have been around long enough to hear the stories. Every blasted one of you are great players. Competition is great when it is about the game. All this name calling and you said this and you said that has got to go.

I personally have lost friends for defending and for not defending. We can all post that this is just a game but we all know that there is more to it than that. Especially if you are in or ever have been in an agency.

I can't stop all the posts, and before I finish, I just want to say this too my good friend Night Owl, I am sorry and I know I will be hearing about this and a few others, I agree with Joseph. If you have technical inormation to add great.

Detective Sissy Andrews
Detective Sissy Andrews

Like i said before Mercy less they're a bunch of bored folks...... They have obviously lost interset in the game and think it's better to bash each other and although all thread have different titles they all have the same content, how boring is that?! really. Fortunantely for us, however, since Ben announced that he'll take care of the bot matter i think they'll limit their arguments to Joseph's felony of giving away cases but since Cinderella the leader of the pack decided that she'll post no more, we can now finally breath a sigh of relief :)

Play nicely sleuthies from now on.


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