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Is there sense still playing? - detective vs bots ...


Today I have first doubts - should I play or should I stop ... Why?

I have had a plenty of time today, so I was starting playing ...

About 4AM server time (high noon Central European Time) I checked AIU's standing - 126570 and KKK's standing - 73924). After solving 3RH cases I had extra 24 points - it took me about 45 minutes (quite fast, but of course it could be done a little faster). Next I checked KKK standing - 322 points more - it means 46 SH cases - average 1SH case per minute. After a few more minutes L.D Wallen solved next 23 cases. In sum L.D. Wallen solved in less than 2 hours 59 SH cases.

Any comments?

Are we human or robot?

Ben could You humanize our game? What is the sense playing, when I play half of a day and finish about 15 cases, so bots do 60 cases in 2 hours ....

Are we still feeling spirit of competition?



First of all I would also like to thank Ben. Maybe now all this nonsence will go away. Probably not but one can hope.

Second, I made a promise to someone that I would right a wrong that I did that was pointed out to me. So, here it is. Although I can not do it in the form wanted, this is the best I can offer.

I think people like myself, Veronicas Veil (of course if it is truly her speaking)etc.. should limit themselves to threads that they can honestly contrubute to. I, of course am not referring to the thank you's to Ben. But if this thread was important enough for Ben to post to, then I don't think the never ending bashing really had a place here.

We have had a lot of changes here lately. Someone very dear to me in this game made a comment when all of it started that it was funny how we all put aside our differences and pulled together. In the end, it all came out for the better. Now it is fair across the board.

To the one I am directing this to, there was never any doubt, after all, you started it all.

Isaac Mendez
Isaac Mendez

Thanks Ben! Good luck on your mission!


@ Mercey, I (Cinderella) who was in your agency always wrote for Veronicas Veil. Just to set the record straight, bilbot did not write anything as Veronicas Veil so I take all the blame that you want to place on me.

@everyone, I feel terrible that bilbot was the one the finger was pointed at. Droid and myself long ago tried to post our dismay over newbie boosting and the other things that were happening.

Here are the same things that are going to happen.

~ Newbie boosting or boosting in any kind
~ Telling others way to cheat, as lately I heard of a new pattern
~ Going from your original agency to another to help solve a treasure hunt for someone that you like.
~ Remaining unsubscribed so that you can get 4 favor cases.
~ Using a program to show all things in a room
~ Paying off someone's FA, If it would not have been for bilbot, Joseph would not have been able to pay off his FA. Joseph even posted thats to KKK. bilbot was not in Joseph's agency at the time.
~ Using others passwords and doing cases for them or using them to participate in treasure hunts.

That is only to name a few things that have taken place. Did I cheat, yes, I did cheat. The difference being that I thought that a finger should be pointed at all that did these things instead of one person.

My only regret is that I contributed so much to AIU's treasure hunts, I truly wish that Cinderella could be wiped off the agency for treasure hunts and knock them down to where they would have been without me.

So I leave everyone that cheated that are happy and have a smile on their faces and state that I am not playing Cinderella or Veronicas veil - only just to retire them. I will not be back or respond anymore. So that will make everyone smile more. I can't stand hypocrites.

I hope that the moderator will not erase my post because I am naming no names and it really reflects how I feel. And btw, I truly do like Droid's hat, only joking about it the other day.

BTW, This is the real Cinderella, so don't blame bilbot for this.

Detective Sissy Andrews
Detective Sissy Andrews

What a drama queen!!! Enough is enough Cind.

Isaac Mendez
Isaac Mendez

Amen... can this topic close now?
no word from Ben? i noticed C. has got 10 exp and 1 case solved. huh?


Cind did 3 FAs deliberately over a week ago, and she says it was her that deliberately set Veronicas Veil back to 0 as well.

Detective Joseph Chen
Detective Joseph Chen

@Cind: Didn't you kept on getting FAs and with other people's help, you're able to pay them off? much money did you owe other peoples and yet argue about it?


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