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Sorry, I started a treasure hunt today that we won't be doing. Feel free to go for it. Sorry. Cinderella from Partner's In Crime.

The Silver Jewel of India

Faction: The Order of Socrates

Detective Joseph Chen
Detective Joseph Chen

lol, okay. I admit we started 2 THs, but just because we have 3 active players with 9 favors available and we don't want to waste any favors, that's why we started 2 THs...but I don't see it as a problem because:

$5500 reward (5 favors) + $7000 reward (6 favors) = 11 favors

minus 9 favors, we're just 2 favors short, so if PiC want to jump in either one or both, we don't mind. Don't you noticed that we're nice peoples?

Captain Scarlett
Captain Scarlett

Nothing to see here, move along folks.


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