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Some opinions that you have for Sleuth Admin

Detective Joseph Chen
Detective Joseph Chen

Hi All,

I would like to take my chances to discuss with all of you regarding some opinions me and my agency members have for this game.

Well, I would think that it is time for our detective background to inflict some effects into case solving. We thought it would be nice if:

1) All players can't have all good standings with all townies, based on their detective's background. We suggest that certain background get more answers from certain townie while always have to bribe other townies for answers.

2) Doing a favor for a particular townie in related to detective's background will raise the standings for this townie slightly higher for townie A and will automatically decrease the townie B as an opposite effect.

Based on the above 2 opinions we have, we think it would require agencies to be more co-operative in TH and definitely will require more attention.




Doing THs is one way to decrease your current standing with a townie.
Another way would be to lose 1 point every x days, so that standing points are not permanent.


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