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Case Difficulty Levels Explained!

Sleuth Admin
Sleuth Admin

This being a mystery game, it's sometimes tough to decide exactly how much info to give out about the specific rules of the game in the help files, and how much to leave for players to discover for themselves. I've had some questions about how and when players get access to new case difficulty levels that I thought should be cleared up.

In particular, a lot of people have had questions about when a harder difficulty level would be available above "Ridiculously Hard". It's a bit of a trick question, because a harder level is already available and has been for several months. The currently highest level of difficulty is "Almost Impossible", it requires a high level case contact and 4 million experience points (a level nobody has quite reached yet).

Anyway, rather than beat around the bush on this issue more, I've decided to just spell out the rules directly in the help file. To see the list of difficulty levels and what exactly is required to access each one, please click on the HELP link in the lower right hand corner, and click on "New Case Contacts" in the "Advancing your Detective" section.

Thanks, and Sleuth Strong!

Detective Joseph Chen
Detective Joseph Chen

Hi Ben (Sleuth Admin),

Personally, I think you should make changes to the following:

Beginner, Easy, Intermediate
1) Easiest case levels
2) No dead suspect
3) No document to be found
4) No secret compartment to be found
5) No trap door to be found
6) No encoded note to be found

Note: Nothing need to be changed in the Beginner, Easy, Intermediate levels.

Hard, Very Hard, Very Very Hard
1) Slightly harder case levels
2) Sometimes with 1 dead suspect (*)
3) Sometimes document can be found
4) Sometimes secret compartment can be found
5) Sometimes trap door can be found
6) No encoded note to be found

Note: I would think there shouldn't be a dead suspect in Hard, Very Hard and Very Very Hard levels because players need to unlock Incredibly Hard and reach 100,000 xp in order to find a photo, to unlock the necessary townie to learn necromancy.

And as for Code Breaking skills, it should be made necessary for players to learn it in order to decode note, as now, players can simply go to each of the faction minions to decode the note.

Code Breaking skills should work this way:
Level 1 - Can decode 1 encoded note
Level 2 - Can decode 2 encoded notes

Decode as in telling the player what is the content of the encoded note, not just telling who can decode the encoded note. Without the skills, players won't be able to decode the note at all.

Detective Joseph Chen
Detective Joseph Chen

And in order to let players re-assign their skill points, maybe you can reset all players skills to let us re-assign our skill points to cater for these changes.

Personally, i hope to see Code Breaking be of use to players, and hiding suspects in high level cases will also require players to invest more on research.

Not to say that buying keys are no good, but with 15 standings, players can only buy 1 key, with 40 standings, players can buy 2 keys and with bribing, players can buy another 2 keys.

By the way, i think townies shouldn't be manipulated at all, hence would make the cases harder in higher level and standings would definitely make a lot of difference. If you allow townies and suspects to be manipulated, max for townies should be only once (makes JOC useful, in order to get 2 more answers) and suspects twice (makes players invest more on manipulation), so that players doesn't depend on 1 type of manipulation at all times to find whereabouts or habits (while kept on using the same manipulation on a suspect).

Most important here is that players become well-rounder, instead of:
1) Players doesn't face problem without having any analysis skills.
2) Players doesn't rely on research to get motive, but with manipulation on suspects.
3) Players doesn't need Code Breaking when its supposed to be a crucial skill.
4) Lower xp players risks on getting FA, just because a dead suspect holding an important WE, but because the players haven't even got a logic chance to learn Necromancy, it makes them accuse blindly and got an FA.
5) Players doesn't need Lock-Picking because they could invest highly on Negotiation skills and kept on buying keys from locksmith.
6) Makes Analysis skills works the same way like in Noir, so that without the skill, players are unable to find the PE. Example, without fingerprint analysis, players are unable to find fingerprint in the crime scene. Of course, if you want to make it harder later in the cases, you could make sure players invest up to level 3 in each analysis, in order to find up to max 3 same PE in the

Detective Joseph Chen
Detective Joseph Chen

crime scene (max 3 of the same PE appearing in crime scene).

I know lots of people will not agree to my suggestion, but by implementing the above, another matter that came into mind is the number of xp per skill point (more logic for Sleuth Admin to lower it).

to be continued...



Detective Joseph Chen
Detective Joseph Chen

Ohh, having a crime lab in agency headquarter would be nice for players to help each other to analyse 1 PE for another member, 3 times per day.


Reply deleted by Moderator.


good have been wonderin


thats nice to know il bear it in mind




Actually I agree with some of the suggestions, but maybe it's also not so bad the way it is.

Personally, I do not yet have the possibility to train Necromancy, but I do sometimes encounter dead suspects. However, that has never prevented me from actually solving a case, because a suspect cannot die before you ask for leads. Yes, I admit that I did recently solve a lot of cases with just 1 or 2 stars of evidence (which was originally intended to be exceptional), but as long as the other suspects are safely ruled out, there is no problem with this. Sometimes, a dead suspect even helped me solve a case (because the dead one was certainly not the killer, so one is ruled out automatically).

As for secret compartments, I think it's OK that they appear from VH onwards. However, I would really like to have this annoying bug solved which always catapults you back into the first room after you have inspected a piano bench, statue, false backed drawer or trap door. It's not really a problem, but rather annoying that you have to click back to every ballroom or grand hall at least twice.

Having the choice between investing skill points more in lock picking or more in negotiation, I consider actually a good opportunity in order to develop different kinds of detectives. Everybody has his/her own style in solving cases, and it makes the game more interesting. If everybody would HAVE TO go the very same way in order to advance in the game, it would be less fun. Then it would just be a "ticking the box", and the choice would only be "which one first" and not a real choice between different possibilities.

The crime lab sounds like a nice idea (although I'm not subscribed myself), I fully support it.

I have quite a lot of research already, but I use it for the whereabouts rather than for the motive. Because I'm always afraid that 4 of my 6 or 7 suspects would claim to have been with the fact checker or bartender 0r waiter or nurse, so I do not want to spoil my free questions with asking them for whereabouts. So even without being forced to, there are players w


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