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Happy Birthday SoM


I guess today is SoM's birthday today so happy Birthday all you sleuths who are 365 days old today.

Detective Joseph Chen
Detective Joseph Chen

YAY!! Thanks Ben! ^_^ Its great to be in the Showdown with you. Happy Birthday SoM ^_^


Congratulation for "cap mob" :)

Ben - great idea. Keep doing such things :)

Could You expand celebrations for few days - detectives from Europe want such cap or the other par of clothing, but had no chance to participate (middle of the night in Europe).

Maybe a few words about SoM's ROADMAP :)


1) I guess that the fixer's hat is the missing hat, Milmot was looking for :)

2) For those having trouble to share detectives on the same computer, there is a simple bypass.

The control is based on your IP address. You can't share a case with two different detectives on the same IP address. So the trick is "simply" to use different IP addresses.

Ben, please, remove this restriction: it is both useless as it can be bypassed with little effort, and counter productive for family members (why get a subscription for every family member, when you can't share?)

If you don't have a fixed IP address (check with your ISP), simply disconnect from Internet, then reconnect. Your ISP should give you a different IP address.

If you have a fixed IP address, use a proxy or a defilter (a kind of Web based proxy). Google for more informations. is a good "defilter", when you want to look British on the Internet. Don't forget to activate your French mode to perfect your masquerade (French mascarade): colour (couleur) instead of color, favour (faveur) instead of favor, theatre (the√Ętre) instead of theater, utilize (utiliser) instead of use, ...

3) Joyeux (joyous) anniversaire (anniversary) SoM :)


No longer am I the only man to look daft by wearing a woman's hat. Yay!


We do have a static IP, Bilbot (MaxNyght is my brother), but, because of some other sites where that is a virtue in establishing the validity of an account, we don't really want to fool around with masking or bypassing by proxies. However, you are absolutely correct in that there is now little to nil incentive to keep our subscriptions for the very reason you listed. Thanks for understanding.

Oh, and Happy Birthday from me as well.



Try using a defilter: you don't need to change your PC's configuration.

Simply go to the site of the defilter with your Internet browser and enter the URL for Sleuth (or any other site). You'll play using the defilter's IP, not yours.

I use:
enter: in the web address field.

To check your current ip address on Internet, you can try:

If you feel, that playing through a proxy/defilter is too slow, use this slightly less simple method.

- play Sleuth and save cases with detective 1 using your normal IP (i.e. don't use a proxy/defilter).
- logout from Sleuth and log in back using a defilter using the same detective (yes detective 1 again)
- logout from Sleuth: detective 1 and his/her cases are now associated with the defilter's IP address not yours.
- log in Sleuth using detective 2 using your normal IP . Detective 2 should be able to play cases saved by detective 1 at full speed and no limitation.

or you can use both Internet Explorer and Firefox (and/or opera, chrome, ...): configure one to use a proxy and the other with no proxy.


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