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Rose Catherine
Rose Catherine

So, after the whole debacle of the Chocolate Frogs case in which my best friend, Alex, went missing, was found, and then went missing again, I went to my Aunt Cherry's house for a weekend. On my out of the city though, some thugs from La Cosa Nostra put me through a Scrambler. It was horrible. I came out with my middle name my first name and different clothes, and a different face, and a hair cut. Well, I didn't really mind about the hair cut, I had been needing one anyways. But, getting back to the story, after one of the thugs from La Cosa Nostra dropped me off at my Aunt's house, (I guilted him into it, but he wore a mask the whole time and wouldn't tell me his name, so I doubt he will be able to help me again,) I had a few problems. Obviously, Aunt Cherry didn't recognize me, so I had to convince her before she shot me with her antique shotgun. Then, I had to figure out how to transfer my store over to me. Hard, let me tell ya. Then, I had to figure out how to convince my friends I was really me. Aunt Cherry had been easy. I mean, my family are all nuts and we all believe rather strange stuff. But, most of my friends? No way would they just accept the fact I had gone through the Scrambler. Too down to earth, I guess.

Detective Joseph Chen
Detective Joseph Chen

"Look!" Vulk2 said..."Not at me! But at the wall!"

Oh No! Blood! Let me take a sample of it back to the lab! "I have a bad feeling about this" Vulk2 exclaimed.

"Maybe Catherine hurt one of the kidnappers!" We can go back to the lab & analyze this blood sample. "Maybe its not even human blood or not even blood at all" murmured Vulk2.

"Hey! I heard that! What are you trying to say here?" shouted Alan to Vulk2. "Do you know something that I don't about this incident?" Alan pressed on against Vulk2.

"Don't ask me! I know nothing! Trust me Alan! I wanted to find Catherine as much as you." Vulk2 sounded convincing enough.

"Don't let me find out that you have something to do behind all these mess, or else I'll make sure you spent the rest of your life behind bars! Alan shouted.

"We should send more people to find out more about Lunette first" Vulk2 assured Alan. "Okay, lets go!" Alan reply reluctantly...


"Wait!" I said, "Don't forget the secret compartment Catherine mentioned in her diary. You know, the one that got them into trouble in the first place." Jarrek poured over the journal for the direction, and slowly led us down the basement.

The place had an unnatural chill to it. The girls were exceptionally brave to be venturing down here during Halloween back in high school. What were the girls thinking then? Jarrek led us through the empty hall. I could hear the house creaking, like all old houses does, the sound echoed through the basement.

Jarrek stopped in front of an abstract statue six feet in height. "This is it." He said. "According to Catherine's journal, they come to this strange statue. Kelsey chanced upon the secret compartment when she leaned... here." Jarrek leaned on the statue and a compartment popped out.

I rummaged through the content of the compartment. There were the usual family rings and heirlooms that little girls may find interesting, and then there was the stack of 'important papers' Catherine has described. I flipped through the documents and found what I was looking for: an old deed to another flat, something off the official record, a place where Rocko would probably hide.

"Well guys, looks like we're going back in the city." I found the address and copied it down. "We can also take the blood sample back to the police lab. My colleague Doc Joseph Chen is especially good with forensic evidence."

We decided to return to Aunt Cherry for the night and also to bid her farewell. We have promised to return her niece back to her in one piece.

Rose Catherine
Rose Catherine

I wished my head would just drop off. Maybe it would stop hurting then. I couldn't think or bear to move. My body protested the involuntary movements of my heart beating and my lugs filling and emptying. I couldn't help it. I groaned.

"Ah! Hello, cousin. I hope you are feeling well on this fine night?" Lunete kicked me in the side. I gasped, but she continued to talk, "I realized that the hose was probably the first place your friends would look. Stupid of me, but I realized in time. So, we moved, and..." Lunete kept droning on. I tuned her out, and sank into meditation to try to relieve some of the pain. What had she done to me, anyways? I found my center, and poured the pain into it, out of my body. I know, it sounds a bit far fetched, but it does work! then i opened my eyes. Lunete's voice came flooding back into my head. "Nothing? You have nothing to say to all that?" She glared down at me. Staring down at me was my new face.

"What?!" I managed.

Lunete looked triumphant. She held out a mirror. Staring straight back at me was my cousin's ashen face.

"You mean, there is such a thing as a Switcher? First the Scrambler, now the Switcher. So, I'm gonna go down for kidnapping myself, and you are going to go back as me, and continue with whatever you have up your sleeve."

"Yes. That is exactly what will be happening," Lunete told me.


Sleuthville -- decayed, corrupted, noisy, filthy, home. I returned immediately to police station and gave Dr. Chen the blood sample. He said he'll call me once the results are in.

I found more information on the small city flat Rocko's family owned. This time, we'll not let him get away. As per our previous arrangement, we all met back at Catherine's flat in an hour, which we were using as our temporary headquarter. Alan had her keys, and I met his car as we both drove into the parking lot.

Alan opened the door to Catherine flat, and we were both stunt by who we saw, then we were overjoyed. Catherine was standing there, by her bookshelves, apparently searching through some books.

Vulk2 was right behind us. "Hey, you escaped! Good girl! Good for you!" Vulk2 cried, and hugged Catherine.

"How did you got away from Lunete? It was quick thinking, how you left your ring and her name on the floor by the couch back in Rocko's house." I said.

"Sh- I did!! Yes! That's right." Catherine grinned. She went on to tell us an elaborate story of how she drugged her captor and escaped. "Lunete was horrible!" Catherine sobbed, "She's a great liar too. If you ever run into her, don't believe a word she says.

"We'll put a warrant on her immediately. Don't worry Catherine, we'll catch her." I said. I went on to tell her that we found Rocko's city hiding place, and that we will definitely get Alex back this time.

Odd, Catherine seemed a bit indifferent about Alex, but I was too happy to worry about it. She probably haven't recovered from her ordeal. Alan, on the other hand, had been quiet all night. We continued to plot our raid to Rocko's flat, and our plan to find out who stole Aunt Cherry's peacocks there after.


All said, we were about to venture into Rocko's hideout. Vulk2 found a plan of his flat. There were two entrances. Alan and Vulk2 will take the front entrance while Catherine and I will go in from the fire escape at the back. Jarrek will stake out on the ground floor in case Rocko tries to escape. This plan was fool proof.

Just as we were about to leave, Catherine had a terrible headache. She needed to rest and asked us to go ahead without her. There was nothing we could do, so we let Catherine rest in her own flat, while the four of us headed towards Rocko.

Rose Catherine
Rose Catherine

So, the whole time Lunete was out in my flat, pretending to be me? I was tied up and gagged in my closet. With clothes strewn over me. I imagine it looked pretty realistic, actually... my closet is never, has never, and will never be neat and tidy. What I did not understand was why Lunete didn't bring me out and hand me over to the guys. I mean, they think she is me, and now would be the perfect opportunity. But she didn't. She left with them to find Alex.

I was alone. I could move as much as I wanted, and try to escape. Now was my time. Perfect.

I first took the duct tape off my mouth, it was hard, but I managed to peel it off bit by bit with the tips of my fingers.

Next, I used my teeth and a nail I had never gotten around to nailing back into the wall to unbind my hands.

Then I untied my feet. I was FREE!!!

Except, I looked like my cousin, and, knowing the guys, Lunete's (now my) face would be plastered everywhere. I crawled out of the closet, and went to my bed. I knelt down and started tapping the floor. I can never remember which floorboard is loose. "Ah! That one sounded hollow!" I muttered. I lifted it up, and pulled out my gun. My dad had given it to me before he died, saying, "Cat, my girl, I want you to keep this on you for protection. Always. Since I won't be here to protect you. Promise?"

I had broken my promise, and look where it had gotten me. But, I had still never pulled the trigger. I hated the thought of carrying a gun around with me. So I hadn't.


I jumped. It was my front door. Who was it?

"Oh Cat!" a sinster singsong voice called out, "Are you ready to have some fun?" I flattened my self against the wall the door coming into my bed room was on. The door flew open, and Lunete stalked right to the closet door with out a glance around the room. She flung open the door, and cried, "Where are you!?"

I leveled the gun at her. "Don't move."

Rose Catherine
Rose Catherine

((So sorry I haven't posted lately, I've been rather busy! Hope you like it!))


(( Editing adjustment: For my Feb-4-2009 21:38 post I said "it was two days before Halloween". Let's change that to the day before it, which makes the current night the Hallowed Evening))

The neighbourhood seemed normal enough. It was late in the evening, so a few older kids were still out trick-or-treating, the rest have gone home to enjoy their sweet plunder and watch dated horror movies on TV.

Jarrek stayed on the ground floor just outside the building, but out of sight so no one could see him from their windows. I gave him a police two-way radio with a ear piece, so that we will be in constant communication. Vulk2 and myself were wearing one as well.

"Remember not to show your guns until we're inside. There are kids running around in monster costumes tonight." I reminded the guys. They all nodded. Alan joked that neighbour probably thinks that the guns were part of our party props.

We split. Alan and Vulk2 went for the front elevator while I headed for the fire escape at the back. I ascended quietly to the fifth floor, where Rocko resided. Once in my position, I radioed Vulk2. They were already at the front door. With my back on the building wall, I cocked my gun and peeked inside.

There, for the first time for real, I saw Alex. Jeez, she is beautiful, even with her hair cut short like a tom boy. For some reason she was moving in the flat freely. She wasn't bound or gagged. My eyes continued to search for Rocko. There, sitting in the corner, looking nervous and carrying a long hunting rifle.

"Guys, the Bear is in the cave. Living room, north-east corner." I whispered into the radio in codes. "His claw is out. Long claws." I waited for Vulk2 to respond before both our team go bursting in.


''Over and out Joseph'' I said. I whispered everything to Alan and Alan cocked his gun carefully. Using my lockpicking skills,I tried to lockpick the front door open,carefully,so that Rocko would have a big surprise.When I opened the door,I saw a big mess in the hall. Microwave meals leftovers,chunky bars etc. I managed to get past that bloody garbage and Rocko still was sitting in his chair. I heard him talking to Alex. ''You know what I mean,ya know,those detectives won't find me and ehhh,you will be mine,forever.'' I saw Alan glowing up,becoming angered. I calmed him down by whispering that we take Rocko in and that he may have the honour to deal the first punch to him. We surprised Rocko,by screaming ''Freeze, Sleuthville police. Drop your weapon". Rocko jumped out of his chair,aiming his gun towards us. I threw Alan towards the kitchen while I duck to the ground. Rocko fired a bullet and so did Joseph. Rocko missed me,but Joseph's bullet was a straight his in his shooting arm. He dropped the gun and crawled on the ground.

While I and Joseph took Rocko in,Alan comforted Alex. I saw Alex crying with hopeful tears and Alan managed to get her gag loose and threw it away. ''Finally Alan,I wished you were here earlier.'' she said and kissed Alan. It was so beautiful,to see two people reunite with each other after a long time.

Joseph and I went with Alan and Alex to the station,while Jarrek went back to inform Cathy about the good news.


<Srry Joseph,I'm contradicting you now with the ''gag'' thing. Let's say Alex wasn't gagged and just ran towards Alan when I and Joseph took Rocko in>


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