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New York 1931


I was framed. I did not kill Mrs. Gatsby, but who would've believed me?

Two years since the great stock market crash, life was getting grimmer each day. My private investigation business was losing a load of clients. Most of them had gone bankrupt, or worse, jumped off the Chrysler Building. Mrs. Gatsby was a loyal client. My only mistake was becoming too intimate with her.

That day, I received a note from her, asking me to meet her in the VIP room of the Astor Theatre. The room was dark when I got there; I thought she was playing naughty. Before I knew it, I was hit from the back, and woke up to find blood all over me with a knife in my hand. Mrs. Gatsby was laying two feet from me, stabbed to death.

I heard the police whistle nearby, and I instinctively ran. Two officers saw me and chased me down three blocks before I loose them. I quickly returned to my office, washed off the blood and changed. I took what was necessary, including my revolver, and composed perhaps my last letter on my prized Remington typewriter. I made some carbon copies, and send the letters to my detective friends before I went into hiding.

They were my final hope.


I went for a drink in the Tricky Mister bar. Preston greeted me and he told me of his new pistol. It was a nice one,a Smith and Wesson. I still had my piece of junk left,that crappy revolver...
Anyway,I bought a drink for myself and when I just took a first sip,the mail man came in,delivering an express letter for me.

I opened it. It said '' Dear Vulk2,this may be my last letter and that you hear something from me. Last night,I was framed for a murder. My client,Mrs. Gatsby,was stabbed and I was knocked down. When I woke up,I was covered in blood and the police chased me. I nearly got away from them,if I didn't woke up,I would now be on deathrow. Please help me.''

''Your friend,Joseph''

Oh no,Joseph is in trouble. I needed to find him,in case he would be caught and framed for murder. I didn't know who might have framed him,since he and I had many people that wanted to drink our blood,badly.

I searched Joseph's house,only to find nothing there. His gun was gone,probably with him. And he took some clothes with him.

The phone rang. I let it rang 3 times,then I picked it up . ''Vulk2?'' Joseph asked. ''Yes Joseph,what is it,where are you?'' I asked.'
"I am now at a motel,just outside town. It is the Lansky Motel,I am in room 7. Ask for Mr. Fondle.''

I placed the phone on the hook,while in the distance,I heard a police car coming. I quickly went outside the back door and headed to the motel.

There,I knocked three times on Joseph's door.....


I peered from the crack of the door and realized it was Vulk2, "Thank God you're here!" Quickly I let him in and locked the door behind us, and made sure the curtains were tightly drawn.

Vulk2 coughed, "The cigarette smoke is so dense in here, but I guess it makes for a good cover. No one can see in this fog!" I cracked up. It was good to have a friend around. Vulk2 went on, "Of the thousands of people wanting to dig you a grave, who's the most likely to do this?"

"Whoever had the greatest to gain, and I could think of three. My next door neighbour, P.I. Alfie, will do anything to get my clients. He knows about Laura Gatsby and me, but I can't imagine him killing her though.

'There was also Laura's lover Bruno, who was jealous of me because she was seeing him less and less. He was the type who'd do anything for love.

'Last but not least, her husband Clive Gatsby. He seemed rich and powerful, but I know from Laura that it was mostly her money. Clive has lost a fortune in the stock market, and was afraid that Laura will leave him, for he too has taken a mistress."

Vulk2 commented that this was very complicated, and I agreed. "Unfortunately I cannot venture out; my face was all over the newspaper." I showed him this morning's New York Times, with a drawing of my portrait under the headline 'Socialite Murdered By Her P.I.'

"Doesn't even look like you." Vulk2 said, "They drew your face too pretty, but yeah, it's best that you don't show your face." Vulk2 left with the information I gave him. I just hope that he will be safe.


I first payed Alfie a visit. He was very reluctant,but still,he invited me into his home. I asked him if he knew anything about Joseph and Mrs. Gatsby. He was jealous about Joseph,that he had such a great client. Alfie told me that he once tried to lure Mrs. Gatsby to his office for a case,but Joseph showed up in time and made a remark towards Alfie,that he didn't need to do this,just because Joseph got all the good ones and Alfie the less ones. Still,I scratched Alfie as a suspect. He had an alibi. At the corner cafe,he meeted Colin. Colin verified his alibi.

Next was Bruno,Laura's lover. He was a strong person and heavy builded. Great,I thought,just the guy you want to come across in a dark alley at a dark night. Bruno also had an alibi,namely at the Tricky Mister bar. Gustav and Preston verified his Alibi. But still,Bruno had a good motive... I scratched him also as a suspect.

Last but not least,Mr. Gatsby. He was the type of man that got his way all to the top by heel licking. The guy that wanted all the power. He gave me an alibi,but that alibi wasn't correct.

I went to Joseph with my findings and he told me that Mr. Gatsby had been acting strange. Mr. Gatsby threatened Joseph,when he came across him at the local store. Joseph was just buying some cigarettes,when Mr. Gatsby walked in and bought a bottle of Vodka. Mr. Gatsby threatened Joseph,to not go to Mrs. Gatsby anymore,unless he wanted her dead...


After I left Joseph's motel room,I saw a car driving by. Hmm,strange,I thought. This isn't a nice motel for such a lovely car. It was an Rolls Royce,the numberplates were from Mr. Gatsby's car. I jumped into my own car,and while I was driving behind Mr Gatsby's car,I saw that he made a stop at the gas station. I saw Mr Gatsby stepping out,and going into the store. I quickly opened his car door,with my lock picking skills and I searched his compartment. A pack of cigarettes,some tissues and hey,a gun. "A gun?!" I thought,"what a sick world. Who keeps a gun in his glove compartment?''

Mr Gatsby came out of the store and saw me sniffling in the car. I noticed him just in time,jumped into my Sedan and drove with 70 miles away. Mr Gatsby followed me with his Rolls,also going 70 miles per hour. I quickly went into an alley,just as the garbage van was backing up into the alley. Mr Gatsby lost me. I dumped my car in the local car park and set it on fire.

I then took a cab to the motel and knocked three times on Joseph's door.....


Vulk2 told me that Clive Gatsby was lurking around the motel. "This place isn't safe anymore!" I said and started to pack, but the sound of police vehicles were already closing in. We rushed out of the room, and split in different directions just to confuse them.

I ran to the back of the motel, only to find more police cars. Clive must have unleashed the entire department on me. He had the political leverage to do that. I climbed a tree and jumped onto the roof. I heard someone barking for a ladder down below. From one building I hopped onto another, almost losing my balance. There were yelling and shouting everywhere.

Four policemen came onto the roof from behind. I jumped from building to building and managed to lose two of them. Suddenly an arm came out from the side of the building and grabbed my leg, and I fell from the roof onto the lawn. Ten guns were pointing at my head. I was caught.

Clive's people took me to the interrogation room. With money, you could buy a lot of police. It's the first time that I was on the other side of the table, but I knew all their bag of tricks. They couldn't get me to confess anything.

Fortunately, I still have a few friends in the force. Vulk2 managed to get away, and they were able to sneak him in for a visit. "Woh, they really beat the pulp out of you." One of my eyes couldn't open, and blood was still dripping from the corner of my mouth. Vulk2 exclaimed. "We need to get you out of here!"

"Ahnd go where? I rehuse to run fhor the rest of my life. I need to clearah my name." It was difficult to speak. "The evherdence, the eye witnessh, it's all pointing to me."

The key was to get Clive to admit that he framed me, but that was impossible. ((and too bad portable type recorder wasn't invented back then)) I told Vulk2 about Clive's mistress, someone named Elizabeth. According to Laura Gatsby, Clive confided everything to her. "Ifh you can get her to talk, you can saveh me, but I know that's nexh to imposshible..."


I was escorted outside by a friend of Joseph in the force. He walked me outside. He said : ''Vulk2,you must solve this case,for Joseph's sake. I believe he is innocent,and so do you,right?''. I was sure about that and I entrusted him a piece of paper with my confession towards him,that I believed in Joseph's innocent.

Anyways,I went off to see Elizabeth Tollin,Clive's mistress. She was a hard woman to be in touch with. I finally got her house adress and I rang the doorbell. There she stood,in her dressinggown,asking who I was. ''My ehh,ehh,I'm Vulk2. You must be Elizabeth,Clive's mistress?''. ''Yes,she asked,come in''. I went into her apartment. Boy,did she had some nice stuff. She had a nice radio,a lovely gold statue and some nice paintings. She did very well as a mistress,or she might've won the lottery. ''Mr. Vulk2,could you help me,I dropped a pencil under the couch.'' Slowmotionely,she bended forwards. I got a little bit excited,but thought about Joseph. ''Elizabeth,I have a question. Do you know if Clive confessed anything strangely recently?'' I asked carefully.
''Yes,there was one thing. It had to do something with Mrs. Gatsby and Clive's mistake at the stock market. Mrs. Gatsby was angry,that Clive lost about 90\% of her money. She attacked him and he violently....'' She stopped there. I could fill in the details. This must be the evidence I needed,I thought. I quickly wrote a note,containing some facts etc. and Elizabeth signed it.

While I escorted her outside going towards the cab,Clive jumped behind us and surprised us. He said ''You shouldn't have messed with this Mr...'' ''Vulk2 is the name,Clive,and I know everything.''
''Is that so?'' Clive said,cold and without emotion. He then pulled a revolver. He shot Elizabeth through the head and he tried to shoot me also. I quickly ducked behind a car,trying to get my revolver out of my jacket. 6 bullets were ready to be fired,with one in the chamber already.

It was a mess. I shot 5 times towards Clive and he shot 6 times at me and reloaded. While he


While he reloaded,I headed towards a car,smashed the window and started the car with my pocket knife.Clive followed me towards the police station. Good,I thought,he wouldn't dare to enter it.

The brakes of my car were sabotaged,not beknowest to me,as I tried to brake at the police station. Instead,I crashed into a wall of the local clothes store. I got out,ran towards the police station,and entered the police station,just as Clive passed the corner and braked before the police station.

I ran towards Joseph's friend,and asked if he could stall Clive,so that I could have a quick talk with the police chief and Joseph.

At Joseph's cell,I confronted the police chief with the signed note. He told us that Clive threatened to kill his wife and his son,unless he coorperated into the capture and lock away of Joseph.

''Well'' I said ''this evidence is going to ruin Clive's day, If you agree to arrest Clive,we could put him away for many years,maybe get him on deathrow.'' The police chief agreed.

While I went away with the police chief,Joseph stayed behind...


Joseph's friend from the force had trouble with Clive. Clive managed to stab him down and the friend layed in a pool of blood,heavy breathing. ''He,he,he is heading towards Joseph'' the friend brought out with his last breath.
I told the police chief to summon all the people of the station and going to Joseph's cell.
When we got there,the door wouldn't open.
I could hear some talking between Joseph and Clive,but I didn't know what happened in there.....


Clive bolted the door behind him and pointed his gun at me.

"It's all because of you." Clive said coldly. "You seduced Laura, you found out about Elizabeth and told Laura about her. It's all because of you that me and Laura got into a fight!"

"Oh I'm sureh it has nothing to do with you loshing all her money." I held up my arms, but was looking for ways to disarm Clive. The beatings I received left my body in a very poor condition, I was feeling pain everywhere. "I was only doing mah job."

Clive smirked. "Does your job description include fondling with my wife?" He seemed genuinely upset. I guess he knew nothing about Bruno. Clive rubbed his eye and I saw an opportunity. I launched forward.

Clive was quicker than I thought, he shot me in the arm and I fell on the ground. Clive lifted me up by my hair and pointed his gun at my temple. "All of you out there, listen!" Clive yelled. "I got Joseph at gun point here, and I also have the wife and son of the police chief."

"Don't you hurt my family!" The police chief roared from the other side of the door.

"Well then, get everyone to lower all their weapons. If I have even a scratch, you will never see you son and wife again!"

Clive ordered someone to handcuff me behind my back and put me in his shining white Rolls Royce. I was bleeding badly and was feeling very cold. No one dared to come near. "And if anyone try to follow us," He pointed the gun at me and said, "bang!" I could see madness in his eyes.

We drove away; hopefully Clive will take me to the police chief's wife and son. No one dared to follow us.


I wasn't supposed to follow Clive. He warned us that he would kill Joseph if he saw someone following him. Fortunately,Joseph really bleeded badly and left a trail of bloods stains. So I grabbed a kids bike (ain't I a criminal xD) and followed the trail. It let to an abandoned warehouse. I saw Clive's Rolls Royce. I sabotaged his car,by letting all the air out of his weels and cutting his break,in case he still tried to flee with his Rolls. I grabbed my revolver,reloaded it and checked the second gun I had with me,in case I came across Joseph.

I first came in a big,empty room. Some stairs led the way for me,thanks to Joseph's bloodtrail. The blood ended at a room at the second floor. My heart was beating fast,what if Clive was there...

I opened the door silently and looked inside. Joseph was gagged and tied up at a chair,in the middle of the room. ''Mhhmhmhmh'' he said. I quickly went towards him and got his gag of and cut him loose. ''Clife ish on the thirt floor,we muzt get to him'' Joseph said. I felt sorry for Joseph,looked like he needed to see a doctor or a dentist,or both if he was unlucky.

Anyway,we went to the third floor,silently. I gave Joseph my second gun,his own revolver ( I retrieved it for him a while ago).
He thanked me.

As we reached the door where Clive was,Joseph took the lead......


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