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Some of these cases are impossible to solve. Even with all evidence gathered there isn't enough to accuse anyone with 3 stars and a fake alibi

Detective Joseph Chen
Detective Joseph Chen

there are a lot of 3 stars combinations, some are as follows:

Fake Alibi: (can safely accuse with min 3 stars)
3 stars Murder Weapon matched
2 stars Handwriting/Footprint matched
1 star Handprint/Hair/Fabric/Lipstick/Tobacco matched
2 stars Witness Evidence
1 star Witness Evidence

But as long as the alibi is not fake, no matter how many stars pointing to the suspect, you can't accuse him/her or else you'll get yourself a False Accusation.


thank you guys so much. I tried the proof thing and i got what i needed. I always thought that stuff was useless until now.


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