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Question about Judge of character?

Verity Blake
Verity Blake

Hi everybody. Sorry if i may seem like a noob to you, but I was wondering what Judge of Character was and how it helps you, because I'm deciding whether or not I should spend my skill points on it later. Is it helpful? What is it anyway?

Detective Joseph Chen
Detective Joseph Chen

Beginners should consider getting these skills as early as possible:

First Priority: (Probably Able to get them all when you reached VH Cases)
Charm - Level 4
Intimidation - Level 4
Negotiation - Level 3
Lock-picking - Level 3

2nd Priority: (You need research to get killer's motive in case you haven't got enough standings with whereabout townies - bartender, waiter, fact checker & receiving nurse & the analysis skills will help you narrow down the profile of your possible killer)
Research - Level 3
Lipstick - Level 1
Tobacco - Level 1
Fabric - Level 1
Handwriting - Level 1
Footprint - Level 1
Hair - Level 1

3rd Priority: (By this time, you probably have collected enough mysterious documents in VH cases to unlock the harder case givers giving VH, VVH & IH cases and these skills are just as a precaution for you to find the remaining stars on the killer by asking proofs)
Charm - Level 5
Intimidation - Level 5

4th Priority: (the last 3 options requires 36 skill points, or you can choose JOC instead, which is cheaper: 28 skill points, for you to get 2 questions answered by 3 alive suspects when you needed it)
Judge Of Character - Level 3
Charm/Intimidation - Level 6
or Charm - Level 7/Intimidation - Level 5
or Intimidation - Level 7/Charm - Level 5

5th Priority: (If numerous times you didn't get 3 stars & wondering where the remaining stars are after you've checked all evidence & ask all alive suspects for proofs, then this is the skill for you to find out where the remaining star(s) went to)
Necromancy - Level 1

Hope that helps.


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