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Lady Jas
Lady Jas

Hello Sleuthers!

Since we have loads of threads named: "Help" Quick question" and "Please Help!!!" I thought it would be a good idea to make a post regarding the naming of posts that you need help with or answers to.

Please be specific about your topic when you name posts, rather than say "a thought" or "a suggestion." Try naming your post "Negotiation, or "Intimidation Questions". It's important to be specific when naming your posts because it will help other players that have the same questions as you do, find their answers easier if they name of the posts are specific. It would save them a lot of time making the same repeated posts over and over and the same lot of people having to make the same reply over and over to each new post that says the same thing.

If all of the posts are named "help" or "stuck" or very general or vague, it will be a lot more confusing to find the answers that are needed for others. So please try and be specific about your post and and title. Also while I'm at it, please only post your question in one forum. Your questions will get answered very quickly so there is no need to post it more than once.

Happy Sleuthing!!

Detective Lechat
Detective Lechat

^^ why?


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