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Detective Jr.
Detective Jr.

Hello everyone whats the max difficulty of cases?
and from beginner to easy to intermidate to hard to very hard, whats after that??

Detective Joseph Chen
Detective Joseph Chen

probably we will be able to unlock AI cases when we reach 4M xp. ^_^


Esperanza - You described RH cases. There are no free cases - only extra question, when You have good enough standing with specific townie. There are no free question with suspects ....

Such a live :)

Detective Joseph Chen
Detective Joseph Chen


Once you've unlocked the hardest case givers - which is with a minimum of 100,000 xp, you get Stupendously Hard difficulty, giving you 1280 xp per successfully solved case. Well, you might wonder how far is that from getting your first Ridiculously Hard difficulty, here's the calculation:

Good: If you do at least 15 SH per day: 15 X 1280 = 19200 per day, you need 47 days to reach 1M xp
Better: If you do at least 20 SH per day: 20 X 1280 = 25600 per day, you need 36 days to reach 1M xp
Best: If you do at least 25 SH per day: 25 X 1280 = 32000 per day, you need 29 days to reach 1M xp

I believe 1 month time passes quite fast & indeed anyone who have unlocked SH can reach 1M xp within a month to join us at the top (doing RH).

So, good luck to you. ^_^


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