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Best use of skill points?

Shea Shannon
Shea Shannon

I've worked my way up to a steady stream of VH cases and have been doing well with the skill sets I've chosen to train in so far. Would anyone be willing to give some advice about where else I should improve? I just had to quit my second case ever (two main suspects, one star of evidence each, by the time I eked out a motive, I couldn't obtain enough witness evidence to accuse either), but I feel like I've built up my charm/intimidation a fair amount so far. Perhaps I'm wrong!

I'm open to any suggestions and all advice about this. I'd rather not waste my skill points in areas that won't help me as much as others, especially as I approach higher level cases.

Also, slightly off topic, I've "bought" myself two skill levels in negotiation. I read elsewhere that there isn't an option to USE negotiation actively, but rather that it is automatically used to lower bribe prices. However, all of my bribes in a case are always the same price. I assume that this means each level of negotiation drops ALL bribe prices on a case (the more negotiation you have, the cheaper all the bribes will be for cases) as opposed to making the first two bribes cheaper. Any clarification would be greatly appreciated!

Sorry for writing a novel! Thanks for any help.


Detective Joseph Chen
Detective Joseph Chen

@Shea: you should be glad and happy to receive such a great reply from bilbot. If you're confuse however, these are the only skills you need before you reach 100,000 xp:

Charm: 5 / 12
Intimidation: 5 / 12
Lock Picking: 3 / 8
Hair Analysis: 1 / 3
Thread Analysis: 1 / 3
Handwriting Analysis: 1 / 3
Footprint Analysis: 1 / 3
Cosmetic Analysis: 1 / 3
Tobacco Analysis: 1 / 3
Negotiation: 3 / 6
Research: 3 / 12

Just make sure your comfortable with the above skills while doing IH cases until you reach a point where you don't have to buy a single key from locksmith, bribe a townie to match evidence with sample, then only slowly compare skills & decide what's best for yourself.

Shea Shannon
Shea Shannon

Thank you both for such helpful replies! I will keep all of this in mind as I continue to complete cases and gain skill points. Perhaps I'm finally get the hang of this game (with your assistance, of course!)...


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