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How much charm/intimidation needed?

Detective Jack Stephens
Detective Jack Stephens

I am moving on to intermediate cases soon, but I only have 3 charm and no intimidation. Is is enough to do intermediate cases?

I want to train my analysis skills, but I'm afraid that suspects will clam up easily and that will be a problem if I don't have enough charm/intimidation.

Give me some suggestions please. =)


For your first few cases, a suggestion is that to get familiar with the game approach with your character before taking a challenge you are not confident enough to handle. 3 charms are not too bad for intermediate cases provided that you don't ask too many questions with useless answers.

The basic approach as a disgraced doctor is always to rely on your analysis (rent $1 room) and ask only relevent questions based on your analysis. You will find most of the time some analysis skills are not fully utilised just because there is hardly any case with exactly 1 hair + 1 thread + 1 handwriting + 1 footprint in the crime scene.

By the time it is better to train charms and intimidation rather than analysis. However, picklocking and negotiation are other options (Money soon runs out if you put too much in buying keys and bribing townies). What skill to learn next is always the question to ask yourself.


I would get some intimidation skills if I were you.

Detective Joseph Chen
Detective Joseph Chen

For starters, here's what you should get:

Charm: 4 / 12
Intimidation: 4 / 12
Lock Picking: 3 / 8
Hair Analysis: 1 / 3
Thread Analysis: 1 / 3
Handwriting Analysis: 1 / 3
Footprint Analysis: 1 / 3
Cosmetic Analysis: 1 / 3
Tobacco Analysis: 1 / 3
Negotiation: 3 / 6
Research: 3 / 12

Those skills above WILL be enough for you to do Very Hard Cases without any problems.

Later, you can focus into getting:

Charm: 5 / 12
Intimidation: 5 / 12
Research: 4 / 12

Which is enough for Incredibly Hard cases &

Charm: 6 / 12
Intimidation: 6 / 12

Which is enough for Ridiculously Hard cases.

I wouldn't recommend level 4 of lock-picking skill to new players, although I have it, because I think the level 4 lock-picking skill points would be better use if spend on either charm or intimidation or research.


Of course you can manage without any analysis skills what so ever if you are prepared to bribe the townies and part with the odd gift. What happens for example if the only evidence in a case is a handprint? Analysis won't help you there.

Detective Jack Stephens
Detective Jack Stephens

Thanks for all the advice!


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