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Were can I find the rules on sharing cases with detectives in the same agency? Can a low experience player open and work on say a VVH or IH case put into the agency file cabinet by a more experienced player? Who gets the expereince and skill points - the agent who solves or the agent whose case it is?

Thanks in advance.


There are no rule :)

If a game is public, any agency member can open the case and solve it.
If the game is private, only the detective, who saved it, can (in theory) open it.

The detective, who solves the case, gets the reward. The detective, who saved the case, gets nothing.

Detective Joseph Chen
Detective Joseph Chen

@rodman: Of course there's another thing you need to put into consideration, such as:

1) The ability for them to solve it on their own.
2) The time needed for them to solve it on their own.

But I do believe with at least 9 - 10 combination of charm+int, you can even solve cases harder than IH ^_^


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