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I am new and just got my first mission....someone please explain?


read help link at bottom of page, sticky note by Ms. Helen and walkthru sites:

Detective Joseph Chen
Detective Joseph Chen

what mission is that? is that the mysterious document's mission you're talking about? if yes, then its very simple, the mission itself will tell you that there's 2 factions related to the particular document.

Deliver it to one of the faction of your choice, then it will increase this faction minion's contact points by +2 and the other one will be decrease by -2. Since this is your first mission, then it doesn't matter which one you picked, because the contact points will not drop any lower than 0.

Finally, in order to make sure you have positive contact points with these minions, you need to do at least 1 Intermediate favor for this first minion that you've just chosen. This will then increase the contact points of this minion with +3.

Then you can give 1 document (when you found one), to the 2nd minion, do another favor for this 2nd minion.

Finally give one document to the 3rd minion & do a favor for this 3rd minion.

After you've done it correctly, your 3 minions will have positive contact, so from now on, you need to search every suspects houses for mysterious documents, so that you can easily use them later.

But for now, you also need to do favors for each of these minions, until their contact points reaches at least 30, so that they can introduce their faction boss to you, which in return, offer you 2 new harder cases difficulty. They're:

Very Hard (This is the min level difficulty that they will offer)
Very Very Hard
Incredibly Hard

Good Luck ^_^


thanks for the feedback...preciate it!


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